Canadian Chocoholic

I am a chocoholic who is also an artist, maker, creator, and goldsmith. So obviously, I have created a line of chocolate themed products.

Chocolate inspires me to create art. Eating it excites my senses beyond taste and I love exploring chocolate through various mediums. Here are some of the products I offer. If you are interested in anything please email me for details about shipping to your location. I have recently moved away from a web based shop due to the increasing costs associated with it. My products ship worldwide and I am always happy to do custom work and wholesale orders.

Patinaed and Sterling Silver Cacao Bean

Cacao Beans

Sterling Silver $125

Patinaed Bronze $50

Bronze $50

~~BEST SELLER~~ This bean is cast by making a mold of an actual Chuncho Cacao Bean from Peru (Qantu Chocolate). It has a lovely weight to it and is perfect for everyday wear. The Patinaed Bronze bean is treated to make it look brown. You can wear your love of chocolate next to your heart. The cacao bean measures approximately 18 mm tall x 8 mm wide x 5 mm deep.

Half Cacao Pod Necklace

Half Cacao Pod

Sterling Silver $70

Bronze $50

~~FAN FAVOURITE~~ This cacao pod is rounded like a pod and looks amazing with any outfit. Perfect for any occasion and a great way to start a conversation about chocolate. I created this by beginning with a block of wax, carving it and using the lost wax casting method.

Cacao Pod Wood Earrings

Cacao Pod Earrings

Walnut (brown) $25

Maple (light) $25

~~NEW TO THE SHOP~~Perfect for zoom meetings or wearing out and about on the town, these earrings all feature a cacao pod made from a natural wood veneer. Each pair of earrings comes enclosed in a paper cacao pod perfect for gifting with room to write a message on the inside if you wish.Ā Length varies between 6-7 cm depending on style chosen, including nickel free.

Bronze cacao pod

Flat Cacao Pod

Sterling Silver $60

Bronze $45

Created by carving wax to look like a cacao pod the flat back of this pendant also has CACAO stamped on it. It has a lovely texture and sits flat against the skin.

Each unique, limited edition

Cacao Pod

One of a kind $125

These cacao pods are individually made with no pattern, making each unique. I use a small drill, saw and files to do all the intricate design work. No two are alike. Only 100 made.

Perfect for traveling with chocolate

Chocolate Stash Pouch


Made with fabric I designed on the inside and the outside these zippered pouches are perfect for gifting with a few chocolate bars inside. Pouch is approx. 26cm X 20cm and fits most chocolate bars. Several fabrics available featuring all things chocolate.

Paper Cacao Flowers

Cacao Flowers

$20 to 30 per dozen

Cacao flowers are a wonder and these arrive ready for you to put together to create beautiful 3D paper flowers. These are larger than life and are available in several sizes and colours.

Gold foil cacao flowers

Chocolate Cards

$3 to $10 per card

I have designed a full range of fun and unique chocolate cards. Some of the the mediums available include screen printed, custom cacao husk paper, foiled, or cut outs in any colour you can imagine.

Stickers celebrating cacao


$3 to $7 per sticker

Stickers are made by a third party at high quality that feature my original designs and/or art work. The cacao pods above were painted using watercolour. Email me to find out what is currently in stock or for custom designs.

Mini Chocolate Journals

Chocolate Journals

$10 to $20

Individually screen printed with my designs, these journals come in several sizes and many options for designs including cacao pods, chocolate pieces, hot chocolate mug, chocolate (word), chocolate bar, and cacao flowers.

Work in progress

Custom Design/Orders

email for details

Have something in mind but not sure how to make it come to life? Let’s talk! I am always happy to do custom work or designs in any of the mediums I work in.

Let me help celebrate chocolate

Wholesale Orders

email for inquires

Does your chocolate shop have some shelves to fill? Cards, stickers, tote bags, journals and jewellery are all excellent gifts for any chocoholic and would fit beautifully into your space.

Celebrate and show your love of chocolate everyday, everywhere.

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