Cacao Pod Stickers – 4 pack


4 cacao pod stickers created from #100CacaoPods 2023

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In drawing #100CacaoPods earlier this year I wanted to share some of my original art with you, and stickers are the perfect way to do so. Each of these stickers is a copy of some of my favourite cacao pods drawn with pencil crayons. These stickers are professionally printed and made of vinyl, are washable, fun, and you can stick them to almost anything!

Each sticker is very similar in size to the actual cacao pod I drew which is why they are a perfect way to share some of the cacao pod love that came from this project. Stickers each range from 2 to 3 inches in length.

A selection of 4 different pods are included, not necessarily the ones pictured but all cacao pods from #100CacaoPods artwork.


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