Reusable Cacao and Chocolate Advent Calendar


A reusable Advent Calendar with a chocolate theme and a neutral colour palette that can be used for years to come and filled with multiple sizes of chocolate bars.

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Each Advent Calendar is made by hand, with much love. From the 25 canvas pockets, to the images ironed onto each pocket that I drew, scanned, and magically (if only it were as easy as magic) converted into cut files that my cutting machine cuts. The copper brown vinyl is a perfect chocolatey colour on the neutral canvas that allows this Advent Calendar to be used any month of the year. Perfect if you need a reason to enjoy chocolate every day.

Being handmade, pockets will vary slightly in size and placement, but will hold a variety of sizes of chocolate bars. From bars as long as Palette de Bine, as wide as Sirene, and lots of room for mini’s. The Advent Calendar does not include chocolate with it, but is yours to fill with chocolate year after year, made to last long and be timeless.

Made with canvas and vinyl (graphics) it measures approximately 20 inches by 29 inches and comes with a wooden dowel at the top and bottom and is ready to hang on your wall.


*****THIS IS A PRE-OREDER Advent Calendar will ship in October 2023 and are made to order.

*chocolate not included


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