Bronze Cacao Pod Necklace


These handmade bronze cacao pods are each a bit unique and allow you to keep chocolate close to your heart, always.

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This bronze cacao pod pendant is textured to resemble a real cacao pod. Perfect for any chocolate lover, it also says CACAO on its flat back, allowing it to be worn with either side forward.

These cacao pods allow you to wear a cacao pod daily and share your love of chocolate with the world.

Hard to believe but this little pendant began as a square of wax in my jewellers studio. Using various carving tools, flex shafts, bits and burs, hand files and sand papers, I carved that piece of wax into a cacao pod, gave it some texture and details, and sent it off to be cast. It arrived back in my studio a dirty piece of metal, ready for even more cutting, filing, hand stamping, and more sanding, before it was polished up bright and shiny, then put onto a cotton cord ready to be worn by you.

These cacao pods are each a bit unique due to the hand stamped CACAO on the back of them, truly allowing you to keep chocolate close to your heart.

The cotton cord included with this pendant is adjustable in length, but the loop on the top (bail) is large enough to allow a chain to also pass through it easily.

This piece of jewellery is created using my many years of training and working as a goldsmith.

It arrives on a piece of handmade paper that I have made from chocolate bar wrappers.

Each cacao pod is approximately 2 cm long by 1.1 cm wide, the entire pendant including the loop is 2.5 cm long.




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