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Masks for the Chocolate Lover

Handmade face masks for chocoholics and chocoholics screen printed with chocolate inspired designs. Stay safe during covid by wearing a mask. Hand sewn, hand printed, shipped worldwide.


It’s lilac season and I am determined to enjoy the lilacs year round. This year I made lilac almond scones, lilac sugar, lilac honey, lilac syrup and lilac bath soak. Also a soon to come lilac cacao nib scone. I love lilacs and want to enjoy them the whole year though.

DIY Chocolate Tasting

Make a DIY chocolate tasting to send in the mail to a friend. A fantastic way to share chocolate, brighten a friends day, educate someone about chocolate, and give a smile. This simple DIY chocolate tasting is easy to put together and doesn’t take much time.

Making Art…

Using the foil and paper wrappers of chocolate bars I created beautiful wall art that is unique and fun. Reusing and upcycling chocolate packaging.

Pink & Pretty

How to set up a chocolate tasting with what you have on hand. It’s almost Mother’s Day. There aren’t any last minute runs to the mall, this post helps you set up a chocolate tasting with what you have on hand to make Mom’s day special.

Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapper Art

I do not know about you, but I eat a lot of chocolate.  That means I have chocolate wrapper waste, aka packaging, lying around with no real purpose. Today’s #createwithcanadianchocoholic uses the foil from chocolate bars to create some fun usable art. Gold and silver foil wrappers are so pretty. I do tend to loveContinue reading “Chocolate Bar Foil Wrapper Art”

Recipes for creating chocolate treats!

Recently I made a special chocolate plate or chocolate tasting flight with some chocolate from a friend. Here is a look at the finished plate. The recipes can be found below for a Truffle for One, Drinking Chocolate Shot, Brownie for One, and Chocolate Ice Cream Topping. Truffle for One I made this recipe forContinue reading “Recipes for creating chocolate treats!”

2019 What a year!

I may have eaten quite a bit of chocolate. A year ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution to only purchase Canadian Chocolate.  I didn’t tell all of you about that, but I did indeed stick to that resolution.  The only time I bought other chocolate was when I was in Hawaii, and then IContinue reading “2019 What a year!”

A Golden Bean

Maybe this is what inspired me, what made my brain begin thinking about golden beans. Maybe it was holding this beauty last fall. It had been a long time since I had seriously made jewellery, and a few weeks after seeing this I had several ideas for chocolate themed sterling silver jewellery pieces. Now goldContinue reading “A Golden Bean”

A Silver Cacao Pod

The story of how I came to design a line of chocolate inspired jewellery. Cacao pods and cacao beans for all to wear in sterling silver, bronze, patinaed bronze(brown colour), and gold by special order. Unique ways to show your love of chocolate, and a perfect gift for chocoholics.


I love chocolate. I eat it almost everyday. I don’t actually eat a lot of it, but I do savour and enjoy the pieces I choose to munch on each day. Sometimes the hardest part of my day is choosing which bite of chocolate to eat. I eat chocolate from all over the world, butContinue reading “Chocolate…”

Hot Chocolate for Chilly Winter Days

Winter.  A white wonderland full of amazing beauty that can sometimes be cold and chilly. So, when you need to warm up be sure to step inside from the cold and make yourself a warm drink. Being in the ‘great white north’ also means many chocolate shops offer or make hot chocolate.  We need toContinue reading “Hot Chocolate for Chilly Winter Days”


Oh Chocolate! How I love thee. I recently placed an order for some McGuire Chocolate. This bean to bar company is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  McGuire has been around for about three years. Sadly they weren’t around when I lived in Calgary in 2012-2013. Calgary does hold a dear place in my heart as IContinue reading “McGuire”

Alicja Confections

Alicja Confections is an Ottawa chocolate shop that creates some fun products. While I often focus on bean to bar makers, I also love chocolatiers and what they can do with chocolate. Perhaps this comes from my own experience as a chocolatier in a small shop on Vancouver Island many years ago. Alicja has grownContinue reading “Alicja Confections”


Recently I was in Montreal, Quebec and had the pleasure of visiting Avanaa Chocolat there. Catherine was a pleasure to visit with and the store was very open and inviting. It had plants in the window and bags of cacao beans sitting about waiting to be made into chocolate bars. As I tasted the variousContinue reading “Avanaa”

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