About Me

A true chocoholic, you may know Cyndi as @CanadianChocoholic. She brings her love of chocolate to the world through her skills as a goldsmith, having a line of chocolate-themed sterling silver cacao pods and cacao beans. Using various techniques, she creates unique, wearable art.

Through fabric and printing Cyndi makes tote bags, cards, and tea towels, allowing you to show your love for tea and chocolate with several special-tea themed items.

Cyndi can be found near the water when she isn’t busy tasting chocolate or making jewellery.

Chocolate was always Cyndi’s favourite. It’s always been nearby. On Vancouver Island she worked as a chocolatier, becoming more interested in chocolate. She has since taken tasting classes, led chocolate tastings, judged chocolate awards and continues to learn about chocolate. She is a chocolalate sommelier and is happy to create custom tastings and pairings for all occasions and group sizes.

Being a maker, she has an appreciation for small batch, one-of-a-kind, local products, produce and small businesses. She shares the joy of chocolate with others through chocolate tastings, sharing bars, reaching into her purse, and her handmade jewellery.

When she is not busy eating chocolate, you can find her posting often on IG @canadianchocoholic and read her blog at www.CanadianChocoholic.ca

Current Favourites

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Chocolate Creation

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