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A true chocoholic, you may know me, Cyndi, as @CanadianChocoholic. I bring my love of chocolate to the world through my skills as a goldsmith, having a line of chocolate-themed sterling silver cacao pods and cacao beans. Using various techniques, I hand craft and create unique, wearable art.

Creativity has always been a major force in my life and I love sharing that with other chocolate lovers around the globe through jewellery, art, The Chocolate Notebook, fabric, and now masks.

I design and make jewellery, drawing on my professional training and experience as a goldsmith. My two years of school in metalsmithing taught me so many skills that I use to create my sterling silver, bronze and gold cacao inspired pieces of jewellery. My favourite techniques include lost wax casting, construction and enameling.

Here I am in my studio, working away on sterling silver Cacao Pods.

In 2020 I launched a line of handsewn, silk screened face masks that allows chocoholics to wear their love of cacao amidst the pandemic. When I couldn’t find fabrics I loved, I designed my own, and then created other sewn products and produced fabrics with a chocolate theme including tote bags, zippered pouches and masks.

This year I was also the sponsor of Cacao Magazine issue 3 #womeninchocolate and have an article about my work with jewellery in it.

Some of the article featured in Cacao Magazine earlier this year.

This year I also joined The Chocolate Notebook team for edition 2 of The Chocolate Notebook, an atypical calendar/planner/notebook that takes you on a journey through the year with a focus on chocolate. All the illustrations in the book are created by me, and its cover features the cacao pod that is a favourite on #masksforchocoholics.

I love working in my office. It’s here I package products to ship, take tasting notes on chocolate I’m eating, and dream up new products. Here I am wearing sterling silver Cacao Bean Earrings and a sterling silver Cacao Pod Necklace.

Chocolate was always my favourite. It has always been nearby. On Vancouver Island I worked as a chocolatier, becoming more interested in chocolate. Since then I have taken tasting classes (through Ecole Chocolat and the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, led chocolate tastings, judged the International Chocolate Awards and always continue to learn and read about chocolate. I am a chocolate sommelier/certified chocolate taster and am always happy to create custom tastings and pairings for all occasions and group sizes. I now offers tastings online for any size of group, send a message in the box below to find out more.

I also do consultant work in setting up pairings, offering education around chocolate, or finding the perfect chocolate to go with your product.

Being a maker, I have an appreciation for small batch, one-of-a-kind, local products, produce and small businesses. I share the joy of chocolate with others through chocolate tastings, sharing bars, reaching into my purse, and my handmade jewellery.

As always stay safe and eat chocolate #masksforchocoholics

When not busy eating chocolate, you can find me posting often on IG @canadianchocoholic and writing my blog at www.CanadianChocoholic.ca

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