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This month there is a little something fun going into Happy Mail Envelopes. Something I picked up last year when visiting Montreal. Too cute not to pick this item up, but how to ship it nicely and safely in an envelope. Sometimes that is the hardest part of putting things into envelopes.

So, obviously I designed something to protect it on its journey instead of just wrapping it in tissue paper. Which I suppose was an option, it’s just my idea was more fun and could and would likely be used again.

Multi purposeful. Cut these cute tents in half and use as gift tags!

I made some mini mugs to hold it. These mugs can later be used to hold other things, and are actually going to travel inside out to protect the item they surround.

I started with short mugs, but on testing them felt they weren’t quite enough protection. So I made them be tall mugs, and decided they should say hot chocolate on them. Perhaps they could have had more drawing on them, but I am a fan of clean and simple. 

These mugs are so cute and fun. You could use them for so many things once they arrive. Cut its tent like structure in half and make two tags. Keep it standing up in it’s tent on your desk with a pen held in its slots, depending on the pen you may need to make the slits a little longer to accommodate it. You can pass it along to someone small who may want to have a tea party with it. You could also use it as a bookmark. There are likely other things you can use it for as well that I haven’t even thought of.

The making of this cute little hot chocolate mug.

I found a mug image on the Cricut Design program, which uses free images that folks are able to use without being charged (though I do pay for access, so while they say ‘free’ it is really included in my membership). Usually I make my own designs, but in this case I just altered a ready made design.

Then I build a little tent out of paper to measure how big I needed cuts to be and how far apart they should be to hold the object.

Useful after arriving as packaging use the slits in this paper mug to hold a sign, pencil, or straw.

Next I made a copy of the mug, flipped it, attached it, added a score line where they joined and then added the words. Then I cut one out to test it. My first test was with a short mug, and my second test was with a taller mug. After the second test I adjusted the bottom of the mug as it rocked slightly, so I made it have a flat edge. Then I added some words to it and made it be more hot chocolatey. I set my Cricut machine up to score, draw and then cut the design out. After removing it from the cutting mat I folded it along the score line and tucked something fun inside it to travel in Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers to chocoholics around the globe. I actually folded them backwards to cushion the item within.

These paper mugs were designed as packaging that can also be used after it served it’s purpose for shipping

I can’t wait until Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers subscribers find these in their mailboxes with the special treat they hold. They have already arrived to some subscribers.

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