Morning Mugs ~ Blended

Do you have a favourite bar of chocolate?

A chocolate bar with nibs and toffee on its surface, broken up and ready to use, broken into pieces, beside an empty mug.
A chocolate bar broken up and ready to use to make a hot chocolate, but what about all those nib and toffee pieces?

Have you ever wished it was available in a drinkable form? I often crave my favourite bars, like this toffee and nibs bar, and sometimes I want them in a drinkable form.

There are a lot of drinking chocolate and hot chocolate mixes on the market these days, but you don’t really need them. You can make a beautiful flavoured chocolate drink with any flavoured bar.

You can use infused bars, bars with bits in them, or simply a plain bar and add a bit of flavour.

What do you do if the bar of chocolate has things it in? Maybe it’s a maple pecan bar with large chunks of pecans. Not the first bar you might think of melting into a drinking chocolate.

These bars are great for tossing in the blender with some hot water, hot milk, or milk alternative. I tend to use hot water as then I don’t cover up any of the flavour of the bar with the flavour of the milk, but adding milk can be great to make it creamy.

A photo of a mug of drinking chocolate about to be enjoyed.
Mixed in the blender gives it a smooth, fuller, airy texture.

What you will need:

  • 30 grams of a chocolate bar, in this case I used one with large inclusions in it
  • 3/4 cup of boiling water
  • blender
  • towel
  • mug

First, break up the bar and place in the bottom of the blender.

Second, top with water.

Third, blend, being careful, and having a spot for steam to vent. I cover the opening with a towel – it will get dirty.

Fourth, pour into a mug and enjoy.

Adding pieces of the bar and some hot water to a blender (with a vent) can be wonderful. Not only will the blender make those large pieces of pecan (or other inclusion) smaller and drinkable, but the mixing will help to add extra froth to your drinking chocolate, which has always been a desired feature of drinking chocolate. The more froth the better and a blender is great for creating this.

Looking down into the blender to see the blade and mixed hot chocolate (brown liquid).
Looking down into the blender of the just mixed drinking chocolate.

Experimenting and blending hot chocolate can be amazing. Tips to help with blending are to chop or break up your bar into quarter size pieces to blend. Be sure to use a blender with an opening to allow the steam to escape, my preference is to cover the hole with a towel to be sure there is no splatter.  Be careful! Hot liquids and a blender can be dangerous. Safety first.

A mug of hot chocolate on the right and the inside of a dirty blender on the right.
After. A beautiful morning mug of drinking chocolate.

Once blended, pour your drinking chocolate into a mug, sit back and enjoy.

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