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5 different photos showing the making of a calendar

Each month Digital Bytes subscribers to Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers receive a calendar on the 2nd of the month as one of their digital treats.

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of one of next month’s goodies.

Obviously it is very much a chocolate-centric calendar. I research on the web about upcoming holidays or special occasions that touch a tiny bit on chocolate.

Where it started, a tiny calendar and a background photo.

The calendars are always different and for this one I found a springish photo with chocolate in it that I had taken recently to use as a background for the calendar. I transferred that to my computer and opened up Canva to create a calendar. I had fun playing and modifying the template I chose to work best for April’s calendar.

I played around with the layout a lot, trying the numbers portion of the calendar a few different places before settling on where it would go and then figuring out where to add the chocolate days of note. I tend to draw on anything that is related to or uses chocolate to celebrate. Now realistically I know this could be everyday, as some people, myself included, like to celebrate everything and anything with chocolate.

When choosing these days I particularly look for days that a chocolate business can use for promotion, special items, or even to add a new product to their line. I personally am not a fan of licorice day, but I know a lot of people who mix licorice and chocolate in various products. Of course, the major chocolate holiday in April is Easter, as all our social media feeds have been full of chicks, eggs, and hens the last while.

A photo of a computer screen with an April calendar on it with many dates circled.
In the process of making the calendar and circling all the ‘chocolate’ days in April for Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers.

My hope is that by including this calendar each month it helps Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers subscribers to plan for and celebrate some of the products they may already have in their stock, or to think outside the box and try something new and fun.

It’s a perfect resource for any chocolate business or chocoholic, and it is just one of the 4-5 digital treats that arrive to subscribers’ inboxes each month. The calendar comes each month in two sizes, one printable on an 8 1/2 x 11 page and the other set for a computer desktop screen, so you can choose which one works best for you.

Printed out April calendar for Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers on my desk as well as the same calendar show above as a desktop background.
The calendars arrive two ways so you can choose to use it as a desktop background or print it and have a paper copy.

Want to know more about Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers?  Subscriptions start at $5 CDN per month.

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