DIY ~ Chocolate Bar Wrapper Mini Envelopes

The problem with eating a lot of chocolate is having a lot of chocolate bar wrappers.

I hate throwing things away and love to reuse, repurpose, or if need be, recycle anything I can in our home.  So when I started the 100 Day Project almost two weeks ago I had the bright idea of using chocolate bar wrappers for holding the supplies I would be needing daily.

Reusing chocolate bar wrappers to make mini envelopes.

So, many chocolate bar wrappers come in the form of a heavier paper envelope. I know some friends who make them into pockets, others who use them to tuck surprises into, some who carry business cards in them, make them into postcards, or simply use them as an envelope for something else once the chocolate has disappeared.

You may have to eat the last piece so you can reuse the wrapper.

This inspired me to make a few different-sized envelopes to house all the pencil crayons, papers, and finished artwork as I work my way through the project daily. These fun envelopes are perfect, you can make them in so many sizes. These are quick and don’t make much mess.

Make them to hold anything: business cards, birthday cards, notes, paper clips, post it notes, gift cards, receipts, plus so many other possibilities…

Supplies you will need:

  • Chocolate bar wrappers, envelope style
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or marker to mark cut lines if you want
  • A ruler
  • Clear tape

First, decide on the chocolate bar wrappers you want to use and think about where you might cut them.

This chocolate bar had a straight line which made it a great place to cut.

Draw a line where you want the cut to go. I recommend pencil, I used a marker here so you could easily see it.

If your chocolate bar wrapper has an opening you can tape it closed. I chose to go around the corner as well to make sure it was fully closed along the bottom of the envelope. Using clear tape means you don’t even notice the tiny bit of it that wraps around to the front.

Think beyond the straight line. 

Is there something cool on your chocolate bar wrapper or package that you really like and want to draw attention to? With this chocolate bar wrapper I chose to cut around the clouds and sailboat instead of cutting a straight line. This is a bit of ‘fussy cutting’ and is sometimes easier with smaller or thinner scissors. I found bowing/pillowing the envelope made it a bit easier to get cleaner lines with my scissors. I drew a line with marker so you can see where I was planning to cut. Not right along the lines that were there, I opted to leave a bit of a boarder. I also trimmed the back of this envelope as it had a dip in it. I am thrilled with the end result, and it holds the pencil crayons I have been using most for this project.

The added bonus I hadn’t even counted on is that the widest envelope I made today will fit all three of the others, so I can set everything together on my desk without it taking up too much space. This makes it so much easier to get everything ready and work on #100CacaoPods each day.

Three envelopes inside each other holding everything I need for my project.

Want to see my 100 day project? You can see it there, scroll down and you will find the post. You can also read a bit about it in this blog.

Want to customize these? Paint or draw on them to give them your own unique flair!

What would you put in these? What chocolate bar wrapper would you choose to reuse?

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