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Artists around the globe began #the100DayProject that runs from Wednesday February 22nd until June. I have done the 100 day project previously, finishing some projects and not finishing others. 

This year I decided to jump on board with something simple that won’t take a lot of time each day. Last year I complicated the project and that made doing it anywhere a lot harder, especially while I was travelling.

Super simple this year. I decided to have a cacao/chocolate focus, no surprise there really, and to make it small. Pencil crayons aren’t really a medium I feel comfortable with, but one I want to improve, so I decided this year to use them. They are also easy to pack if need be, and bring colour to whatever I create. I want to explore more shading and drawing with them. Honestly I prefer to create in 3D forms over drawing any day. I actually didn’t ever take art in junior high or high school but was a band geek, which I enjoyed, and can now play many instruments. However, art has a special place in my heart and over the years I have explored various mediums like clay, pottery, glass (blowing and lampwork), watercolours, crayons, chalk, and others. Jewellery obviously is my main form of expressing my art and I took several years of school to be trained as a goldsmith in my early 20’s.

All set up and enjoying a hot chocolate before I began the 100 day project on February 22, 2022

Back to the 100 Day Project, each piece will be approximately 2 ½ by 3 ½ inches, making them easy to do in less than 30 minutes a day.

I am giving myself some freedom to change the topic/theme at any given point if I get tired of drawing similar things each day. Not sure if this will happen but I think around 50 I will make the decision.

The other freedom I am giving myself is to create 7 pieces in a week, not always being one a day, as my migraines are sure to mean I am unable to create some days. So, 7 a week keeps me on track and lets me create on days I can think straight and rest the days when I am unable to focus.

Testing out some colours on a scrap paper to see what I want to use, with chocolate for inspiration and to enjoy as I draw.

Sharing art and having people support artists is a big part of the 100 day project, and I have chosen to share my art on the Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers Patreon page. Each Wednesday I will make a public post that anyone can read that includes one of the pieces from that week. I invite you to pop over there to see what I am up to. Subscribers to Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers will get to see all 7 pieces I make each week and see the project behind the scenes and in the works as the 100 days pass.

I am excited to work on this project and hope some of the tiny daily pieces excite you as much as they excite me. I appreciate all likes and comments to keep me motivated to keep going.

Waiting until day 8 of the project to share what I have chosen as a starting place. Can you guess from the colours what it might be?

Shh, it’s still a secret what I am drawing each day, but I will share that this Wednesday when week one in done. Watch the Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers Patreon page for more about this project, and watch here for a blog each month that will show you the behind the scenes making of something for the following month’s Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers.

***It’s all about cacao pods. Maybe it will be 100 cacao pods, or maybe 50. I am having such fun creating these little pieces of art each day.***

Have you ever taken on a lengthy project? Or a big art project? Creative or otherwise I would love to hear about it. If you are joining in on the 100 day project I’d love to hear what you are doing. Leave a comment below, or maybe you want to guess at what I may be drawing.

Curious about my journey to get here? Check out My Chocolate Story.

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