How it’s made ~ Cacao Pod Earrings

Cacao Pod Earrings ~ How it's made

These earrings were originally created as part of an Advent Calendar for Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers in 2021. They have since made their way to my shop and are a very popular item, as they are the perfect accessory to wear to any chocolate tasting, event, or festival.

These were designed from a sketch of a cacao pod I did, using the outline to create the shape in a digital form.

I used the Cricut design program to then turn the design into wearable art.  Next I use my Cricut to cut some wood veneer to make these. The machine does the cutting once I program it to do so and it works faster than I could cut them out by hand, and it ensures they are all the same.

I prep everything to go into the cutting machine, and tell it to start its cut.

Once the cacao pods are cut I gently remove the wood veneer pods from the cutting mat. Sliced pods shown below.

Next up I make the packaging for them. I put paper into the machine and set it to the file to cut the cacao pod wrapper out. This has holes for the earring hooks to hang from.

While the packaging cuts, I add the rings and hooks to the earrings.

Once the pod is cut, I draw the lines on the outside of it and then use a sticker (that me, my computer, and cutting machine have designed and made) to hold the cacao pod closed. Then I write a sweet note and tuck the pod and earrings into an envelope and ship it off to its new owner, to be worn with cacao love to chocolate events, or just in daily life.

These are fun earrings, and I have debated added them in colours, which would mean adding another layer of a vinyl on top to bring colour to them. I tried making them in a faux suede but after a few wears they tended to curl up and it was difficult to recognize they were cacao pods.

The bonus of these is that they ship easily in a flat envelope and have no added shipping cost. I sell these individually as well as wholesale. Interested? You can find them in the shop now.

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