100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Gifts for chocolate lovers

Here is a quick overview and list of all 100 gifts for chocolate lovers in one blog post.

To find out more about each ten gifts and see photos of some of the items included you can check last years blog posts for all the details. This list is a place to have them all in one spot, for the pretty version you can start here. At the bottom of each you can advance to the next blog, every other blog was for this series.

I share my suggestions because I love chocolate, craft chocolate, bean to bar chocolate, small batch chocolate and chocolatiers. As a maker myself, I love to encourage you to shop small and think differently, and I really love these products and have tried many of them, read many of the books, and the ones I haven’t yet, perhaps someone will gift to me one day. These are meant to be ideas that stretch your mind to gifting local chocolate goods and products to your friends that love chocolate. It’s meant to help you think beyond a box of chocolate or a chocolate bar. There are no affiliate links here, and if you purchase any of these products I don’t receive anything in return.

Enjoy! Feel free to comment below on what your favourite gifting idea on this list is, or other ideas you have for gifting to chocolate lovers.

1 Chocolate, any chocolate will do, but if you need Sirene is a good place to start https://sirenechocolate.com/

2 Bonbons from Jacek https://jacekchocolate.com/

3 Sterling Silver Cacao Pod Necklace https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

4 Chocolate made in Chile by Obolo https://obolochocolate.cl/

5 A molinillo, used to make hot chocolate https://hummingbirdchocolate.com/products/molinillo

6 A chocolate stash pouch https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

7 Clothing that celebrate peace https://peacebychocolate.ca/collections/merchandise

8 A chocolate subscription box from Bar & Cocoa https://barandcocoa.com/pages/chocolate-club

9 Bean to Bar Chocolate, a book, by Megan Giller http://www.megangiller.com/book

10 Chocolate celebrating seasonal flavours from Centre and Main Chocolate https://centreandmainchocolate.com/

11 Chocolate and Cats? Check out the Hank Series from McGuire Chocolate https://mcguirechocolate.com/products/santa-paws-52-holiday-milk-chocolate

12 Cacao Bean Necklace in bronze https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

13 One bite wonders, bonbons from The Chocolate Lab https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

14 A tumbler for your to go hot chocolate from Ritual Chocolate https://www.ritualchocolate.com/shop/fellow-hot-beverage-tumbler

15 Chocolate – The Consuming Passion a illustrated book by Sandra Boynton https://www.sandraboynton.com/sboynton/boyntonbooks.html

16 Tree to Bar Chocolate made in Taiwan by Fuwan Chocolate https://www.fuwanshop.com/pages/treetobar

17 Handmade chocolate cards for all occasions https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

18 Tips for finding subscription boxes near you

19 Chocolate with cacao pulp (chunks) in it by Naïve https://chocolatenaive.com/

20 A chocolate themed t-shirt https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/875866358/chocolate-lover-shirt-chocolate-lover

21 Chocomotion Chocolate Tasting https://chocomotions.com/

22 Advent Calendars there are so many beautiful ones available

23 Bread, Wine, Chocolate a book https://simransethi.com/breadwinechocolate/

24 Finnia Chocolate Bar https://www.finniachocolate.shop/

25 Hand cut one of a kind sterling silver cacao pod earrings https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

26 Taste with Colour flavour map https://tastewithcolour.com/

27 Confections by Fruition Chocolate https://www.fruitionchocolateworks.com/

28 Farm T-Shirts from Askinosie https://askinosie.com/collections/dont-eat-this

29 Postcards featuring chocolate images https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

30 Bonbons by Anna Stubbe https://www.annastubbechocolates.com/

31 Canadian chocolate.  E’tat de choc has an amazing selection https://www.etatdechoc.com/us/

32 Chocolate that never disappoints from Marou in Vietnam https://marouchocolate.com/

33 Cacao Bean Treats – Good King Cacao is closed for now but keep an eye open for what is ahead for them.

34 Mushroom Chocolate? Candy Cap Chocolate from Petite Patrie https://www.petitepatriechocolate.com/product-page/roasted-white-chocolate-with-candy-cap-mushroom

35 Chocolate Spreads from Allo Simone https://allosimonne.com/en

36 Tasting Kit from Desbarres Chocolate https://www.desbarreschocolate.com/products/desbarres-chocolate-tasting-kit

37 Bronze Cacao Pod Necklace

38 Chocolate Classes, tasting, confections, or bean to bar from Ecole Chocolat  https://www.ecolechocolat.com/en/

39 Raising the Bar a book about chocolate by Pam Williams of Ecole Chocolat

40 This fun chocolate flow chart card https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/605852036/chocolate-birthday-card-chocolate-lover?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=chocolate+card+funny&ref=sr_gallery-1-6&organic_search_click=1

41 Support a social enterprise when you buy chocolate from East Van Roasters https://eastvanroasters.square.site/s/order?shipping=true

42 Zodiac Chocolate Cards PDF from Projet Chocolat https://www.projetchocolat.com/shop/zodiac-chocolate-cards-pdf

43 Pairing Books and Chocolate with Cocoa Encounters https://cocoaencounters.co.uk/chocolate-classes-experiences/chocolate-bookclubs/

44 Cocoa by Kristy Leissle https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Cocoa-p-9781509513178

45 A gift card for chocolate jewellery

46 Drinking Chocolate Wheels https://www.cruchocolate.com/drinks

47 Design a Tasting or attend one with 37 Chocolates https://37chocolates.com/2019/03/04/video-training-how-to-design-a-chocolate-tasting-lecture-workshop/

48 Paper Cacao Flowers

49 Think outside the box and give them a mug for drinking chocolate https://parcelineceramique.com/

50 Chocolate with mushrooms or berries, or deep and dark from Palette De Bine https://palettedebine.com/en/

51 Chocolate made with Madagascar cacao

52 Single Origin Chocolate from Kasama https://kasamachocolate.com/

53 Chocolate (book) by Dom Ramsey https://www.amazon.ca/Chocolate-Indulge-Chocoholic-Bean-Bar/dp/1465454063

54 Personalize a gift for a pal

55 Origin Pendants  https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

56 Tree to Bar Chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company https://www.grenadachocolate.com/products/

57 Baking Chocolate, bean to bar baking chocolate, ideally from a chocolate maker local to you.  Last year I highlighted Chauler B Chocolate for baking chocolate.https://www.brulerieduquai.com/en/collections/chocolat

58 The Chocolate Tasting Kit from Eagranie Yuh to help explore flavours https://www.amazon.ca/Chocolate-Tasting-Kit-Eagranie-Yuh/dp/1452111642

59 Digital Bytes from Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers

60 Local Chocolate Maker Sets, check your local maker for a single origin or tasting set to introduce a friend to the world of craft chocolate

61 The Flavour of Wood book https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/the-flavor-of-wood-in/9781419742354-item.html

62 Palo Santo Chocolate Bar from Qantu Chocolat https://en.qantuchocolate.com/product-page/palo-santo-chocolat-noir-70

63 Silver Cacao Bean Necklace https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

64 Cacao Nibs

65 A hand carved and painted cacao pod https://www.instagram.com/beltrancacaomaker/?hl=en

66 The New Taste of Chocolate https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/product/9781580089500-item.html?s_campaign=goo-Shopping_Smart_Books&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlOmLBhCHARIsAGiJg7nLgOsCzk4ELSvrcJXM-7txEcYYsxsxf11i8Cptq3F6vetrFczN6mEaApEaEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

67 A class all about cacao https://www.chocolatetastinginstitute.org/

68 Salt with Chocolate in it https://www.saltspringseasalt.com/product/chocolate/

69 Chocolate bars with salt in them, pop over to the blog post from last year to see a few I recommend

70 Chocolate made in Ecuador by Pacari https://www.pacari.com/product/raw-70-cuzco-salt/?lang=en

71 Conversations in Cocoa a subscription on substack https://laurenonthewknd.substack.com/?utm_source=discover_search

72 The Chocolate Notebook chocolatenotebook.com

73 Grandpa Cacao Childrens Book https://www.amazon.com/Grandpa-Cacao-Tale-Chocolate-Family/dp/1681196409

74 Screen Printed Art by Canadian Chocoholic https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

75 Map Chocolate and The Next Batch School https://thenextbatch.com/

76 Creativity and Chocolate https://www.instagram.com/bumbleandoakco/

77 Dormouse Chocolate https://dormousechocolates.com/

78 Goldie Chocolate https://goldiechocolate.com/

79 Shattell Chocolate https://www.shattell.com/

80 Sterling Silver Cacao Bean Earrings https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

81 Pastries – Brownie in a jar recipe

82 The True History of Chocolate https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/product/9780500290682-item.html

83 Mini Bars Vaka Chocolate https://vakachocolate.com/

84 Experiences (link to blog)

85 Last minute ideas (link to blog)

86 Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers https://www.patreon.com/HappyMailForChocolateLovers

87 Chocolate Milk Syrup Recipe https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/210084/chocolate-syrup/

88 Chocolate Milk tshirt

89 A chocolate Box

90 Fun chocolate dress https://www.redbubble.com/i/dress/Candy-Wrappers-by-Montage-Madness/51361866.V4WQ8?country_code=US&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=g.pla+-+PUP-OG+-+%5Bg%5Dcos.usa%5D+%5Bl.eng%5D+%5BPT.Dresses%5D&utm_id=notset&utm_term=Content_taxonomy&utm_content=chocolate

91 Chocolat, the movie.

92 Find a shop nearby https://chocomap.com/

93 Chocolate Ecards https://www.123greetings.com/tags/chocolate.html

94 Travel and Chocolate Book https://chocolatour.net/store/

95 Art and Chocolate a cacao flower painting tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSgxcJkbWjQ&t=12s

Sanna creates some amazing paintings that you can learn more about here https://www.instagram.com/cacaosana/?hl=en

Nicole make painting with cacao butter in this book about chocolate https://worldtreechocolate.ca/product/cacao-to-chocolate-book/

96 Chocolate Tshirt https://www.exquisitochocolates.com/products/chocolate-nerd-t-shirt

97 The Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective https://www.chocolaterebellion.com/cross-atlantic-chocolate

98 Gift cards from your local chocolate shop

99 Inspo for a create your own Chocolate and Spirits pairing https://www.instagram.com/choccoffeewine/?hl=en

100 Canadian Chocoholic https://canadianchocoholic.ca/shop/

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Canadian Chocoholic

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