Hot Chocolate II

I am all about simple and easy.  Especially since I love starting my day with a hot chocolate. So, in keeping it fun and tasty, let’s talk about elevating the hot chocolate recipes I shared in part one.

Using either recipe you can kick them up a notch by adding a few simple things into them.

You can add turmeric, with a pinch of pepper (they are friends and complement each other).

You can also add sea salt which will make it taste like a salted chocolate bar.  Sea salt also helps with making it froth a bit more, a tip I picked up from my friend Genevieve who does chocolate tastings, check out her website here.

You can double the chocolate to make it extra rich and creamy.  I like to do this on weekends as it feels a bit extra special, which is how weekends should be!

Now for a decadent hot chocolate that is a bit more labour intensive, but 100% worth it.

This is a very creamy and rich hot chocolate. You don’t need much of it to satisfy your sweet tooth.  This recipe makes enough to easily serve four people. 

Take 1 ½ to 2 cups of your favourite milk or cream; cream makes this amazing, and add in a whole chocolate bar, roughly 70 grams.  Put liquid into a pot on the stovetop and warm.  You do not want to boil this, but warm it enough so it will melt the chocolate.  As your milk warms you can chop up your chocolate bar.  Once the milk is warm whisk in the chopped chocolate and stir until well combined and thick.  Be sure to keep the temperature just under a boil, being sure to whisk so none of the chocolate burns at the bottom of the pot. There will be no lumps and it will be thick and creamy.  Pour into small espresso size mugs and enjoy.  I like to serve these with a side of fruit, ideally something with a bit of tart to counteract the sweetness of the chocolate.

Choose a good quality chocolate bar, one that you love.  I do suggest it be 70% and up, but use what you like. If you prefer a non dairy option, you can use a can of coconut milk or an oat or nut milk, though the oat and nut milks will not be as thick.

I hope you find time to enjoy a beautiful and tasty hot chocolate today!

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Canadian Chocoholic

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