Tis the season… for making fun Christmas ornaments!

Last year I did a series of DIY blog posts about making ornaments and holiday decorations from reused and upcycled chocolate bar wrappers.

I know that I have a ton of chocolate bar wrappers sitting around my office.  Some of them are just so beautiful and I wanted to find a way to use them, so I made some ornaments.

Most of these tutorials are super easy and don’t need much more than scissors, glue, string, and a bit of time, and maybe a few other things.  You can find all my previous Christmas ornament DIYs here.

Chocolate Ball Ornament

Paper Ornaments, starring Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Chocolate Wrapper Paper Chain

Chocolate Bar packaging Garland

Wreath made using Chocolate Bar Wrappers

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Canadian Chocoholic
Canadian Chocoholic

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