100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

The holidays are almost here, and this is the last post in my mini blog series of 100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers.  I’d love for you to share with friends and on social media if you have enjoyed it.  Look for some stories on my Instagram feed featuring all these ideas in December.  Find me and follow here.

91 Chocolat, the movie.

If the chocolate lover in your life has not seen Chocolat, then I suggest buying a copy, or arranging to watch it on a streaming service as it is a delightfully fun movie that all chocoholics should watch.  This movie pairs perfectly with a nice box of chocolates from your local chocolate shop.

92 Find a shop

Not sure how to find your local chocolate shop?  Just type chocolate into google maps and see what comes up.  Still not finding what you want?  Use chocomap.com to find something close to you.  Still not finding what you are looking for?  Google chocolate map and a few different ones come up, it looks like some are updated more than others, so it may be worth it to look at a few in your area as you search for a chocolate shop near you.  Once you have found a shop buy something beautiful that taste great to give as a gift.  Really, chocolate is a safe bet for 95% of people, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

93 Chocolate e-cards

A screen shot of the card I sent myself. Happy Holidays to all of you!

While at ChocoMap you can also send ecards to a friend.  A simple way to let them know you are thinking about them or chocolate, or how the two go together in your mind.  There’s space to write a personal note as well.  Quick, easy, free, such a fun resource from ecolechocolat.  PS – do let them know to expect something as when I sent one it went to the spam folder. *Fall 2022 it looks like this link isn’t working anymore, so here is a link to another site where you can send a chocolate ecard.

94 Travel and Chocolate

The perfect gift for someone who loves travel, this book talks about traveling around the world in search of chocolate and cacao.  I have yet to read it, but I really enjoy following Doreen’s blog as she is a fellow Manitoban as well as a chocoholic.  Her chocolate travel adventures have taken her many places around the globe.

95 Art and Chocolate

The cacao flower I was painting using Kindred Soul Art’s YouTube channel.

Gifts for artists are sometimes hard to find, but you can buy them some chocolate art or steer them to a chocolate art tutorial!  Gift them some new water colours and a link to Kindred Soul Art’s cacao flower water colour video. Katie of Kindred Soul Art has some great cacao art in her feed and is always open to custom work. Or gift them chocolate art created by a fellow chocoholic. Sanna Forslund creates watercolour paintings of cacao trees and is always open to custom work. Nicole of World Tree Chocolate has a children’s book available that she painted with cocoa butter.

96 Chocolate Nerd

Is your pal a chocolate nerd?  This is the perfect t-shirt for them.

97 Mini Bars

The Cross Atlantic Chocolate Collective recently launched a box that features 12 mini bars made in African cocoa-growing countries and countries across the Atlantic with rich African diaspora populations’.  Check out their website for more details about their combined efforts to launch this box for all to try and explore. 

98 Gift cards

December is a crazy time for chocolate makers and chocolatiers.  Be patient with them.  They will run out of stock.  They will be tired as they have been working so hard on production during this busy season.  If you can’t find what you want, grab a gift card as a way of supporting their business and allowing the receiver of the gift card to choose their own chocolate treats!  This brings business to the shop in the new year when things aren’t quite as crazy.  Everyone loves choosing their own chocolates!  It’s also a great idea if you think everyone is going to bring your chocolate loving friend chocolates.  There really is only so much chocolate a person can eat, so spreading it over into January is never a bad thing and a gift card is perfect for that.

99 Wine and chocolate

A lilac cocktail paired with a lavender chocolate bar.

Buy tickets to a wine and chocolate pairing, or purchase a bar of chocolate and take it to the liquor store with you and find a pairing.  Ask the folks working there to take a look at the chocolate tasting notes if there are any on the package and suggest a wine to go with it.  Take a look at this ChocCoffeeWine IG account to find some great liquor and chocolate pairing ideas.

100 Shameless self plug

If they love chocolate you are bound to find something in my shop they will enjoy.  Visit my shop Canadian Chocoholic to find printed items, cards, fabric items, jewelry and art, all with a chocolate focus.

Thanks for reading along, here I am wearing one of my favourite necklaces, a cacao pod.

I hope you have enjoyed these 100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers.  The reality is there are still countless more gift ideas for anyone who enjoys chocolate.  Let me know in the comments below if you had a favourite or have an idea of something that is missing from this list.  I’m also thinking about doing a smaller list for Valentine’s Day, let me know if you want to see that below.

If you’ve enjoyed this please like, comment, and share so more people can find great gift ideas for the chocolate lovers in their lives.

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