How much chocolate do you eat?

This is almost always the first question I get when someone finds out that I do all sorts of things with chocolate. It is closely followed by do you make chocolate? And, where can I buy your chocolate? Because everyone loves chocolate!

So today I am going to answer those questions for you, because I imagine you too might be wondering these same things!

How much chocolate do you eat?

Honestly, I don’t eat a lot of chocolate. I start each day with a drinking chocolate, which has a few squares of chocolate in it or a bit of a drinking chocolate mix.  I savour each mug and switch up the chocolate daily to keep my taste buds on top of chocolate tasting. I really enjoy the warmup my morning mug of chocolate brings me.  And by mug, I mean more like half a cup most days.  Sometimes before my breakfast I will choose to taste a piece of a chocolate bar, usually about a one-inch square piece. When tasting chocolate I take notes on all aspects of the piece of chocolate, I search for flavours, I let it melt slowly. Occasionally this is multiple pieces of chocolate if I am comparing chocolate for some reason or doing side by side tasting of the same cacao origin. I do this before breakfast, sometimes even skipping the drinking chocolate, so my palate is clear, for me, this is my ideal tasting time.

Sipping a drinking chocolate to begin each day, even when on vacation.

Usually, I wait until just before my lunch to have a piece of chocolate, again maybe an inch by an inch, and then I savour it on a somewhat clear palate and just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes I have a bite of chocolate later in the day, more often than not, I don’t.

Occasionally I will eat one of my favourite bars of chocolate, which usually means eating half of a 60gram bar at once. Really, chocolate is like any other food in my life, a bit of it often but not often in excess. It’s perfect to enjoy everyday, it is a food after all.

I especially love trying Canadian chocolate creations. Bean to bar chocolate, bonbons or confections, anything made in Canada, I try my best to seek out and try.

Tasting chocolate and comparing. Honestly, I most likely would only eat 1/4 to a 1/2 of each of these pieces.

Do you make chocolate?

I do not make chocolate. I have made very small batches in my kitchen with household appliances, I also worked as a chocolatier for a while in a chocolate shop.  Making chocolate is not what I do, and that answer often disappoints people, because who doesn’t want chocolate? I do play with chocolate in my baking, and often make chocolate covered strawberries. I however have no plans of being a chocolate maker or chocolatier.

Where can I buy your chocolate?

Well, since I don’t make chocolate, you can’t buy my chocolate (I don’t have any).

So, what do you do?

Some of the many things I design and create. Cards, jewelry, paper items, Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers

I share my love of chocolate with others. I design and make a line of sterling silver and bronze jewellery inspired by chocolate – cacao beans and cacao pods, both of which I find fascinating. I have a large selection of paper products – notebooks, journals, The Chocolate Notebook, screen printed items, printed items, and cut items. You can see all these items in my shop, Canadian Chocoholic, on Shopify. Plus, each month I create a subscription envelope and digital items for Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers that has a bunch of handmade, unique, chocolate themed items in an envelope that travels to subscribers around the world – no need to worry about any chocolate melting.  I also blog, because I like it, blogging does not make me any income, but it allows me to share my love of chocolate with others.

Canadian Chocoholic
Canadian Chocoholic

Cyndi combines her two passions together as Canadian Chocoholic.  #ChocolateIsMyMuse is what inspires her to create unique products.  Using her expertise, education and knowledge of tasting, judging, enjoying, and curating chocolate to make art pieces with her creative background as a goldsmith to create a wide variety of chocolate themed accessories, jewellery, paper products, notebooks and fabric items.  Her current passion project is Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers.  She loves talking about all things art and chocolate!  Reach out to her on Instagram or her blog anytime.

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I’m exploring the world of chocolate one bite at a time. I live in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, though I have lived in many area of this wonderful country. Besides chocolate I love water, trees and all things handmade. I’m a creative artist and love making things with my hands which lead to my passion project Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers.

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