100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Looking for some DIY chocolate gifts or ways to have a chocolate experience, read through these for some fun ideas, and some delicious chocolate.

81 Pastries

A delicious pastry at a local cafe.

Seriously, who does not love a good pastry?  Find a shop nearby that makes beautiful and tasty chocolate delights.  Maybe macaroons are your go to, or perhaps it’s a croissant with a chocolate filling?   Maybe your go to is a chocolate cake or a French pastry.  Whatever it is, seek out something you love and pick up a half dozen pastries or cookies to gift to a nearby friend.  The perfect gift over the holidays when everyone is busy or stressed, but it is also the ideal gift for an out-of-the-blue just because.  Not many chocolate lovers would be upset to try something baked with chocolate in it.  Better yet give them a brownie in-a-jar DIY mix that they can use whenever they feel a craving for a bit of chocolate.  Here is a mix that looks interesting, I’d also throw in some cacao nibs to add a bit of crunch.

82 The True History of Chocolate

This book explores the history of chocolate and takes a dive into the origins of chocolate and how it evolved over the years.  A great read for someone into history, but maybe not for the friend who just likes to bake with chocolate. 

83 Mini bars

These 20 gram bar make for a perfect stocking stuffer.

Vaka Chocolate in London, Ontario makes chocolate that is my favourite size.  Mini bars that are perfect for gifting or including in a gift basket.  They have some single origin bean to bar chocolate as well as some fun inclusion bars and a monthly release of some interesting and unique flavours.

84 Experiences

Experiences are always a great gift idea.  Find somewhere close to you that offers a chocolate-making workshop.  Maybe it’s baking a cake in a class together or making hand rolled truffles.  Doing something together is a great way to make memories.  Maybe it’s an intro bean to bar making class at the local college, or a melt and pour your own bars at a chocolate shop.  Whatever it is, it is bound to be amazing plus you get to take chocolate home with you!

85 Last minute idea

Stumped on what to get them but have a bar you know they love?  Be original and create a custom wrapper for the special occasion.  Grab a piece of paper, cut to size, draw, or write a design on it and voila something super special you created just for them.  Dressing up their favourite treat is bound to cause them to smile and gain you some brownie points!

86 Happy Mail

Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers is a monthly subscription and some of its tiers include an envelope full of chocolate goodies being sent to you each month.  There is no actual chocolate in the envelope – as wonderful as chocolate is, it doesn’t travel well in hot or cold conditions.  Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers was designed to fit into a large letter mail envelope to make it accessible to people worldwide, as an envelope travels easily.  Each month contains 4 plus items that all celebrate chocolate or cacao in some way.  Past envelopes have included postcards, gift tags, handmade notebooks made with handmade paper created from chocolate bar wrappers, stickers, cards, mini DIY projects such as a bracelet from cacao wood beads or a 3D cacao flower created from paper.  Each month is a wonderful surprise for the person who finds this fun envelope in their mailbox. 

87 Chocolate milk

Have you tried chocolate milk made with quality chocolate?  It is so worth seeking it out and trying, and if you can’t find any ready-made you can make a chocolate syrup from bean to bar chocolate and add it to your milk and stir, voila!  Better yet make the syrup, put it in a clear bottle, add a cute tag and gift it with that brownie batter to a friend so they can have a chocolatey night in sometime.  Here is a recipe for chocolate syrup, I’d suggest using a high-quality cacao powder such as one from Soul Chocolate or Palette de Bine.

88 Speaking of milk

This fun t-shirt is great for the chocolate milk lover.  You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate milk is fun for any age and is a great way to show your love of chocolate.

89 A chocolate box

A chocolate box that I picked up at a local shop. Add a chocolate image to the top or leave it plain, it is the perfect place to store chocolate or hide it in plain sight.

Anyone who loves chocolate needs somewhere to keep it.  Artisan and craft chocolate should be kept in a dark cool cupboard or box.  Find a beautiful box (at your craft store, online, in a packaging shop) and gift it to a chocolate friend.  Better yet, find a plain box and decorate it just for them.  Make it a beautiful unique one-of-a-kind gift. They will think of you everytime they open their box to find a bite of chocolate for an afternoon snack.  A wooden box or a plastic box are idea, so long as there is no odor to the material as opened chocolate likes to absorb scents.   Also, as an FYI unless you live close to the equator your chocolate should NOT be kept in the fridge. Example of wooden box.

90 Chocolate bar dress

If they really love candy bars, this is a dress for your friend.  This dress is fun and definitely screams I love chocolate to anyone you pass. 

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Canadian Chocoholic

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