100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Time is flying by and we are now at numbers 71-80 of our 100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers! Which of these are you most interested in pursuing? Let me know.

71 #WomenInChocolate

Lauren Heineck is the amazing woman behind the hashtag #womeninchocolate. She is also the founder of Well Tempered Media and Wknd Chocolate. She has an amazing wealth of chocolate knowledge, and you can find her sharing it though substack currently. The emails I receive from her always make me think deep and hard about all things cacao. Part of her passion in chocolate is bringing together wonder women working in chocolate. She is also one of the co creators of The Chocolate Notebook.

72 Teamwork makes the dream work.

Editions 1 & 2 of The Chocolate Notebook, edition 3 just out, new cover for this year to be revealed @chocolatenotebook soon!

The Chocolate Notebook launched for presales this week. Created by Lauren Heineck and Anelisa Laurie in 2018, and including Cyndi Clement (yes, that’s me) since 2019, The Chocolate Notebook is a chocolate centric notebook designed for you to use however it best suits your needs. It is a great place to collect and keep all your treasured chocolate notes. This team of 3 women in chocolate have combined their skills to create a unique notebook that is a perfect gift for anyone who has a passion for chocolate (I promise I am not just saying that because I illustrated it!).  You can find all the info about it here. If you are in the USA and would like to purchase a copy you can do so at Chocolate Pulse. In Canada and around the world you can email me for more information.

73 From farm to cake

Speaking of books and illustrations, Elizabeth Zunon wrote and illustrated this book Grandpa Cacao which is the story of a cake and the cacao that is used to create it.  It is a beautiful story about cacao growing on the Ivory Coast enhanced by the unique illustrations using some screen-printing techniques.

Grandpa Cacao book with screen printing in it, and a chocolate card that is also screen printed.

74 Screen Printing

Art and chocolate go hand-in-hand and some of the graphics found throughout The Chocolate Notebook can also be found screen printed onto masks, cards, notebooks and pouches here.  You’ll also find other original designs centered around chocolate screen printed onto a variety of items.

75 Draw your own Map

A photo featuring great #womeninchocolate taken during a class with The Next Batch School.

 Mackenzie Rivers of Map Chocolate is a chocolate maker, a storyteller (with a bar of chocolate for every story) and an educator.  She offers classes about all things chocolate through The Next Batch School.  If there is something you want to learn about chocolate, it is likely she teaches it in her online school.  Her bars are dreamy and delicious, fun and fruity, and often contain surprising ingredients.  When you are looking for a bar of chocolate or a class that teaches you how to make a bar you can find it here.

76 Creativity and chocolate

Bumble and Oak is a chocolatier in Cambridge who creates some amazing looking chocolates, truffles, and gift boxes full of amazing things.  She is always supporting others, creating new things, bringing joy, and sharing chocolate and food love.  If you aren’t following her on Instagram I recommend it.  I haven’t had the chance to try any of her creations, but they sure look amazing and sound delish.  If I am ever on that side of the world, they are on my things to try list. 

77 European Bean to Bar

Also in Europe, you will find Dormouse Chocolate, who create bean to bar chocolate in Manchester.  I have tried one of their bars and it was a 100% bar which I know if not to everyone’s tastes.  Luckily, they make a toasted white bar, a milk bar and dark chocolate bars.    If you are on that side of the world, I would recommend trying their bars.

78 Fun Packaging

Gold Bar by Goldie Chocolate.

Goldie Chocolate in Calgary, Alberta creates bean to bar chocolate from many origins and many flavours.  The Gold Bar is golden in colour and is a winner in my heart and on my tongue.  It’s a caramelized white chocolate bar that is hard not to eat all at once.  I also really enjoy the Semuliki Forest, Uganda 80% bar, perfect for anyone who loves a darker bar.  The packaging on all Goldie bars is bright, fun, unique and stand out from the crowd.  Not only are they great to look at, full of information, but they are recyclable and compostable as is the wrapper around each bar.

79 Fall in love

Shattell is a chocolate company in Peru making cacao with Peruvian beans with a focus on giving back and paying fairly for the cacao they source.  Their chocolate has great aromas and can be found at speciality chocolate shops around the world.  Shattell wants you to fall in love with their chocolate bars.  I have tried one of these bars and it is still a delicious flavour memory.

80 Beans as beauty

Me wearing sterling silver cacao bean earrings and a sterling silver cacao pod.

Cacao beans are a thing of beauty, and these solid sterling silver cacao bean earrings are the perfect gift for any #womaninchocolate who wants to wear their love of chocolate.  Unique, fun, solid with just the right weight, these earrings are perfect for any chocolate lover.  Designed from a cacao bean from Peru, these were created through much trial and error in using the lost wax casting process to create a mold of a real cacao bean.  Detailed yet delicate these are simple enough to be worn everyday while also looking amazing when you are dressed to the nines.

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Canadian Chocoholic

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