100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Let’s talk single origin chocolate and cacao.  Chocolate grows in so many places and each can bring something unique to a bar of chocolate.  Most of us are used to eating more industrial chocolate that is massed produced and uses cacao from all different origins mixed together in all different batches. If you haven’t tried single origin chocolate, it is worth seeking out and trying. So, lets talk single origin as we share the next ten items.

51 Madagascar

A selection of Madagascar chocolate bars.

Madagascar chocolate bars are one of my favourite origins, and I love the bright flavours that come from this origin.  Many chocolate makers seek out and use cacao grown in Madagascar.  A bar of chocolate from Madagascar would be a great gift for anyone exploring chocolate, just getting into it and wanting to discover flavours in a bar.

52 Single Origin

Kasama Chocolate in Vancouver has a great selection of single origin bars.  Any one of these would make a great gift for any chocolate lover.  Their bright and colourful packaging is always cheerful and fun and showcases the cacao tree and cacao pods. They have many origins available, including Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, and Ecuador to name a few. 

53 Chocolate by Dom Ramsey

This is a great book about chocolate that helps you to Indulge your inner chocoholic’.  I particularly enjoy the pages that dive into many of the countries of origin and give a closer look at those countries.  From how much of the world cacao supply they grew, to interesting facts, alongside tasting notes that highlight some flavours that can often be found in chocolate bars using that origin of cacao.  It is a book I return to again and again to open to a specific page and look something up.  It also has info about the bean to bar chocolate process as well as recipes.  A great book to have in your chocolate library or to gift to that chocolate eating friend.

54 Personalise a gift for your pal. 

Choose a country they have a personal connection to or have traveled to and seek out several bars of chocolate made with cacao from that country.  Three bars made from chocolate grown in the same country tied together with a ribbon would be a lovely gift for any chocolate fan.  They can then explore how the flavours of the bars are similar or different.  I recently did this tasting 5 bars of chocolate all made with cacao beans from Madagascar by 5 different chocolate makers and it was such fun.  The perfect gift for a chocolate nerd.  Ritual Chocolate, Hummingbird Chocolate, and so many more chocolate makers have a listing for this in their shop if you look for it.

55 Origin Jewellery

Origin Jewellery, celebrate your favourite cacao origin with a piece of jewellery.

Recently I added Origin Pendants to my shop, which allows you to order a pendant from your chosen origin.  Maybe it’s a cacao origin, maybe it’s just your favourite country.  Each country is then cut by hand with my teeny tiny saw inside of a small cacao pod.  It really is a great way to show love for a specific origin or country. These pendants are a custom order and can be made the size you wish.

56 Tree to Bar

The Grenada Chocolate Company has been making chocolate in Grenada from tree to bar since 1999 and create a great line of chocolate bars using their cacao.  These bars are created in Grenada and are available around the world for chocoholics to enjoy.  Personally, I have not yet crossed paths with a bar of chocolate made by The Grenada Chocolate Company, but I do hope to one day.

57 Baking

This past week I was enjoying a bar from Chauler B Chocolate in Quebec, they offer a variety of single origin bars as well as have single origin baking chips available for all of your baking needs.  If you haven’t tried baking with single origin chocolate, I recommend it.  You can find their products here.

58 Exploring flavours in chocolate isn’t always easy. 

Cards (sweet, fruity, earthy) from The Chocolate Tasting Kit on top of the book Chocolate by Dom Ramsey

If you or your friend are new to tasting and need some help identifying flavours, The Chocolate Tasting Kit by Eagranie Yuh is an amazing resource.  The kit includes tasting pages, a book on tasting chocolate, a notepad for tasting notes, an envelope, and, my favourite part, the tasting flash cards.  These are great for discovering new flavours and words to describe chocolate.  It comes all enclosed in a box and lives easily on a bookshelf or can easily travel with you to a chocolate tasting.  You can find it at your local chocolate shop or online from Amazon.

59 Surprise in your email

A colouring page included as a printable in Digital Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers earlier this year. Perfect for colouring, using to make a card, or as wrapping paper.

Digital Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers is a fun gift for the chocolate lover in your life.  An email arrives in your inbox twice a month with fun chocolate themed tips, treats, and printables, it is a fun and easy way to celebrate chocolate and an easy way to gift something to someone else each month.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Each month you will find 4-5 items spread over 2 emails in your inbox, ranging from colouring pages, puzzles, printable tags or postcards, chocolate themed playlists, and recipes.  Always a surprise, always fun.

60 Local Chocolate Maker Sets

A gift any chocolate lover would enjoy would be a set of single origin chocolate bars.  Lots of bean to bar chocolate makers offer a set of their single origin chocolate bars.  It is always fun to do a side-by-side tasting with bars from the same chocolate maker made with cacao from different growing countries.  Ask your local chocolate maker to put together a set for you if they don’t have one.

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