100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Hard to believe we are up to 50 items in my goal to highlight 10 holiday gift ideas each week for the next 6 weeks that you and your chocolate loving friends will enjoy. 

There are so many great gift ideas for anyone who enjoys chocolate, here are ten more ideas.

41 Social Enterprise

East Van Roasters in Vancouver, BC, Canada is a chocolate maker – coffee roaster – social enterprise.  They have some amazing products, including bean to bar chocolate, caramels (really the bag disappears each time I order one), bonbons as well as vegan bonbons.  Since it is October when I am posting this, I will also mention that they have a Witch’s Brew hot cocoa that has activated charcoal in it and is black!  Such a fun treat for the kids! 

42 Zodiac Chocolate Cards

Projet Chocolat Zodiac Cards.

Speaking of all things mystical, out of this world and unique, Projet Chocolat has downloadable Zodiac Chocolate Cards that help pair your sign with your chocolate. You can also find a beautiful chocolate pairing guide that you can download.  It helps you pair chocolate with all sorts of foods, and I have a copy of it on my office shelf to refer to.  

43 Pairing Books and Chocolate

Cocoa Encounters in the UK offers several different chocolate tasting experiences, including chocolate and book pairings.  Have you ever thought of books and chocolate and how they go together and relate?  This is a great place to find info or if you are in the UK add chocolate to your current book club through Cocoa Encounters services.

44 Cocoa by Kristie Leissle

Dive deep into cocoa in this book.

This is a deep dive into the cocoa world and how to create a sustainable environment for cocoa that supports farmers, the environment and chocolate consumers.  This is an in depth read and is more for the person who wants to know more about cocoa.

45 Custom chocolate jewellery is always a special gift. 

If there is something you are thinking would be the perfect thing for someone let me know, I have made cacao beans in gold, cacao pods in copper, and put custom messages on bronze cacao pods.  Personalize that special piece of jewellery that allows someone to keep chocolate close to their heart all the time, with no worry of it melting! Not sure what they want?  Grab a gift card for them to do their own choosing.

46 Drinking Chocolate Wheels

Drinking wheels make chocolate drinks a breeze.

Cru Chocolate has chocolate drinking wheels that are easily added to hot water or milks.  They are a great way to share chocolate as each wheel makes 2 drinks.  They come in a variety of packages, and I think they would make a perfect stocking stuffer or small holiday gift attached to a card. 

47 Design a Tasting

Is the chocolate lover in your life ready to share their love of chocolate with others?  37 Chocolates has some amazing resources for those who want to learn more about setting up chocolate tastings for others.  If would be an amazing gift for someone who is thinking about doing more in the chocolate sphere.

48 Cacao comes from a tree

Pale pink small cacao flowers.

Did you also know that that the tree flowers first with tiny flowers that then eventually grow into cacao pods.  These Cacao Flowers are a mini-DIY that can be sent anywhere in the world in an envelope.  They are always in stock in my shop soon and are available in several sizes and colours.  A great way to send flowers to a friend that will last forever.  Shop Cacao Flowers.

49 Think Outside the Box

When searching for the perfect gift for your chocolate loving pal think outside the box.  Maybe they don’t need chocolate, but something to go with chocolate.  Maybe a new mug for drinking chocolate from a local potter, my favourite mug is from Parceline Ceramics in Montreal.  Maybe a new cookbook that features chocolate if your friend enjoys baking.  Maybe even a smore’s kit if camping is their thing, grab some graham crackers, some local craft chocolate, and locally made marshmallows.

50 Mushroom and Berries

A mushroom on the beach this week next to two mushroom bars from Palette de Bine.

Palette De Bine is a chocolate maker in Mont Tremblant, QC and she has a beautiful range of bean to bar chocolate that you can find in shops and online around the world.  Her bean to bar chocolate is often made with just two ingredients – cacao beans and cane sugar, and the packaging is lovely. Her bars would be a treat for anyone who enjoys chocolate.  Besides a line of single origin bars, she also crafts inclusion bars with local ingredients from Quebec, including berries and mushrooms.

All of the above are items I enjoy and do not receive any compensation should you purchase from the links provided, except if you purchase from my website.

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Canadian Chocoholic

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