100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

As mentioned before, my goal is to highlight ten holiday gift ideas each week for the next 7 weeks that your chocolate loving friends will like. I hope you are enjoying these ideas and that you will share with others.

Continuing on the last weeks’ posts, here are ten more gifts that are great for anyone who loves chocolate.

31. Looking for Canadian Chocolate?

Bars at E’tat de choc

Searching for something chocolatey in Canada?  E’tat de choc in Montreal has a great line of chocolate bars they create using Canadian bean to bar coverture.  They also make bonbons, offer tasting packages, and sell a huge selection of bean to bar chocolate bars from around the world with a great selection of Canadian-made chocolate.  I have shopped in person and ordered online with them and have always been impressed, one of the largest selections of chocolate in Canada.  As a bonus their shop is beautiful with pops of copper everywhere, which speaks deeply to my metalsmith side.

32. Never disappoints

Earlier I talked about spreads from Marou Chocolate. They also make bean to bar chocolate in Vietnam with cacao grown in Vietnam.  They have several bars that are available at chocolate shops around the globe making them easy to find.  Marou’s packaging is stunning and colourful and their flavours are spot on.  I have never had a Marou bar I have not enjoyed.

33. What’s crunchy and won’t melt on a hot day?

Harmony Snacking Cacao

Searching for something a bit more unique?  Good King Cacao offers roasted, shelled cacao beans in large and individual sizes and flavours.  This chocolate snack won’t melt!  They are delicious and easy to have on hand, great for an on-the-go snack or to add to your yogurt or oatmeal in the morning.  Be sure to check out why and how this delicious snack is produced.  Organic cacao beans with a hint of caramel make for a great treat, they don’t often last long in my house. Check out the pairing suggestions on their IG page for even more ways to enjoy them!  Fun, exciting, and different, the single size servings would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

34. Mushroom Chocolate?

Petite Patrie in Nova Scotia offers a great range of single origin bean to bar chocolate bars as well as some interesting inclusion bars.  Have you ever had a Candy Cap Mushroom chocolate bar?  Honestly it reminds me of a maple bar and is truly unique.  They also have a Cranberry and Thyme bar that I have yet to try but sounds delicious and perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

35. Chocolate Spreads

Hazelnut, dark chocolate and buckwheat makes for an amazing spread.

Speaking of interesting forms of chocolate, have you had a chocolate spread recently?  There are so many amazing chocolate spreads available now.  A few of my favourites are Marou, Allo Simone and Soma.  If you can’t find any of these, I suggest looking around local foodie shops in your neighbourhood and seeing what you can find.  Be sure to take a look at the ingredient list and try to find something with fewer ingredients and see if there is any information about where the chocolate was made or sourced.  My current favourite is Allo Simone Hazelnut and buckwheat spread.

36. Looking for the perfect gift for that friend who is still new to chocolate? 

This tasting kit from DesBarres Chocolate in Ontario is a great gift.  Personally, I enjoy tasting several bars of chocolate from one chocolate maker side by side.  It allows you to really see the different flavour notes between different cacao origins.  It comes with everything you need for a tasting for four. 

37. Bronze Cacao Pod

Bronze cacao pod

This bronze pod has amazing texture and reminds me of the skin on real cacao pods. Carved from wax this piece is cast in bronze to give it that brassy look. Simple, understated, and modern this pod has a smooth back with CACAO stamped on it by hand. A great price for this unique hand crafted pendant.

38. Chocolate Classes

Ecole Chocolat is an amazing online platform offering a wide variety of chocolate courses.  Want to make bonbons? They can teach you that!  Want to make bean to bar chocolate?  Yep, they’ve got you covered!  Want to go on a trip and learn about chocolate and cacao?  Sure, when travel allows, they do that too!  Want to learn more about flavours of chocolate? They also offer a Mastering Chocolate Flavour program.  This class would be great for someone curious and newer to chocolate, as it’s a great starting place.  I took one of their courses online in 2014 (I think, it’s been a while) and learnt so much!  Their online platform was great, and they have been teaching online since before it was cool.

39. Raising the (Chocolate) Bar

A chapter I return to often in Raising the Bar.

Pam Williams (of Ecole Chocolat) and Jim Eber wrote Raising the Bar, which is all about chocolate if you are looking to learn more.  It dives into many topics involved in the bean to bar chocolate world.  This book is a bit heavier reading and learning, and I find it is best read start to finish. 

40. Solve your problems with chocolate

This Chocolate Flow Chart card on Etsy is just too cute!  It would be ideal for so many occasions, especially the ones you may not see coming.  I love looking on Etsy for unique and handmade and designed items, there are so many choices and it’s usually pretty easy to type ‘chocolate card’ into the search window to bring up many options. 

See you next week with numbers 41 to 50. I am interested to hear which of the above might now be on your shopping list! I am happy to share my insights and am not affiliated with any of these companies, I just like these products. I do not benefit if you choose to shop with them or click the links in my blog (unless you purchase something from my Shopify site, lol). I just love all things chocolate.

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