100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

As you remember, my goal is to highlight 10 holiday gift ideas each week for the next 8 weeks that your chocolate loving friends will enjoy.

I do hope you are enjoying these gift suggestions and would love if you shared with others you think would enjoy this blog.

Continuing on last week’s post, here are ten more gifts that are great for anyone who loves chocolate.

21. Chocolate Tastings

Chocomotions offers amazing chocolate tastings, currently via Zoom, that include education about everything chocolate! I have been lucky enough to have participated in a tasting with Genevieve, Chocomotions creator, and the online chocolate tasting experience was amazing. So much knowledge is shared in a very approachable and enjoyable way as you taste and enjoy chocolate. This is the perfect gift for a group of friends to enjoy together no matter how far apart.

Chocomotions Chocolate Tasting

22. Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars are a great pre-Christmas gift to celebrate the season leading up to Christmas.  Now is the time to have your eyes open as many makers have presales in October.  Who doesn’t want a mini chocolate bar or a bonbon a day for most of December?  Check my stories on Instagram over the next few weeks as I share chocolate makers and chocolatiers who have are taking orders for their Advent Calendar.

23. Bread, Wine, Chocolate  

A book that may make you hungry.

Bread, Wine, Chocolate – The Slow Loss of Foods We Love by Simran Sethi dives into fermented foods and is a great read for the foodie in your life. Obviously, the chapter about chocolate was my favourite but I also really enjoyed the bread and beer sections as well. I like how you can pick this book up and just read a section or two at a time and come back to one specific food when you want.

24. Bars

Finnia Chocolate

Finnia Chocolate offers some great bean to bar chocolate bars made on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. Finnia’s Buttermilk bar is a treat any day of the week you can get your hands on it. Their white chocolate Manitoulin Mint bar is made with mint they grow themselves and is one of my partner’s favourite bars of chocolate. The Sweet & Salty Canadian is also a hit with folks newer to craft chocolate.

25. Love cacao pods? 

Hand sawn sterling silver cacao pod earrings.

Check out the sterling silver cacao pod earrings I make for Canadian Chocoholic Jewellery. Each pod is made by hand and is unique. Earrings featuring these pods are fun and perfect for attending chocolate events, wearing for Zoom meetings, or just having pods close to you anytime. Hand sawn with a teeny tiny saw blade these are one of my favourite pieces to create.

26. Taste with Colour

Try tasting with colour!

Taste with Colour Maps is a beautiful flavour map for using when tasting chocolate. It is a stunning piece of artwork that is also super helpful when tasting chocolate. Not sure what you are tasting but maybe it’s a bit red? Perfect for people who are very visual. Hazel, the creator of the map also does painting workshops using this chocolate tasting flavour map. Bonus: it’s available in 8 different languages!!!

27. Confections

Fruition Chocolate

Fruition Chocolate is made in the Catskills, NY, USA and has a line of bean to bar products as well as many confections available. They have a passion for chocolate and I have always enjoyed their bars, one day I hope to cross paths with some of their bonbons!

28. Farm T-Shirt

Askinosie has a t-shirt available right now that says farm in four different languages from all the locations around the globe that they source cacao beans from! How fun is that, and what a great way to start a conversation with others. I’d ask what your shirt said if I saw you wearing it!

29. Postcards

October first is World Postcard Day, so may I suggest some postcards? They’d make a great gift any day of the year. Who doesn’t love finding a postcard with a lovely chocolatey design in their mailbox? I have been designing several chocolate-themed postcards a month for Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers, and you can now find a five pack of postcards in my shop. They are perfect for gifting to a friend, or ordering for yourself and adding one as a card to other gifts, or, actually writing on them and sending them in the mail!

30. Bonbons 

Always a great gift, perfect for all occasions: new babies (trust me, mom wants chocolate), get well soon, thinking of you, and especially birthdays (perfect for nibbling on after the cake has disappeared). The Stubbe Family have several amazing chocolate shops. If you are in Toronto you can find bonbons at Stubbe Chocolate, in Ottawa you can pick up bonbons at Stubbe Chocolates, and you can also try the unique flavourings from Anna Stubbe Chocolates and Confectionaries. I used Anna Stubbe bonbons to make a chocolate molecule for some of my postcards!

Be sure to check back next week for the next ten ideas of gifts for chocolate lovers.

As mentioned previously, I don’t receive any benefits if you click on the links, I am just happy to share what I’ve learned over the years.

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