100 Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

As you remember, my goal is to highlight 10 holiday gift ideas each week for the next 9 weeks that your chocolate loving friends will enjoy.  I’ll showcase chocolate, gifts, paper goods, subscriptions, shops, books, and other fun things I know the chocoholics in your life will love. I don’t receive any benefits if you click on the links, I am just happy to share my knowledge.

Continuing on last week’s post, here are ten more gifts that are great for anyone who loves chocolate.

11. Chocolate and cats?

McGuire Chocolate Bar, I didn’t have one from the Hank Series around, but trust me, they are purr-fect.

Looking for a gift for the cat loving chocoholic in your life? McGuire Chocolate located in St. Andrews, New Brunswick makes a line of Hank bars.  What are Hank bars?  Well Hank is their cat, and he has an entire line of bars named after him, which, obviously, feature him on the cover, illustrated by a local artisan.  Hank bars include fun bars like Big Booty Hank, Santa Paws and Buccaneer Hank.  Their regular single origin bars also have delightful wrappers illustrated by local artists as well, and if you really love chocolate their monthly subscription looks amazing.  PS – I also wear their toque in fall and spring when the weather changes here, it is perfect and comfy.  Toque – a hat we Canadians wear to cover our ears when it dips below freezing.

12. Cacao Bean Necklace

Cacao beans are beautiful!  This necklace captures the beauty of a cacao bean in bronze.  Cast from an actual cacao bean from chocolate making friends, this bronze cacao bean has a patina on it to make it look brown, like a real cacao bean.  One side of the bean features the husk while the other showcases the bean.  By far the most popular necklace in my shop, this bean is the perfect way to always have chocolate with you.

13. One Bite Wonders 

Bonbons from The Chocolate Lab

The Chocolate Lab in Calgary makes delicious one bite wonders. Their stunning bonbons have flavours that are fun, unique, interesting, and traditional.  All their bites are delicious – their custom bonbons, their dragees, and their bean to bar chocolate bars.  I’m always excited to see what they will create next.  PS – Their Advent Calendar is fantastic. Honestly, I cannot convey how beautiful these bonbons are, the photos look great but they are absolutely stunning when you see the real thing.

14. Need a to go option for your drinking chocolate?

Ritual Chocolate in Utah has a lovely hot beverage tumbler available, and I just love the look of it.  Simple, yet beautiful, I think it would be an ideal gift for anyone who wants to take their hot chocolate to go. It also looks like the perfect size for a drinking chocolate.

15. The title of this book says it all:

One of my favourite chocolate books!

Chocolate The Consuming Passion by Sondra Boynton.  The title says it all. This book is one of my favourite chocolate books ever.  It is real.  It is fun.  It is funny.  It has lots of pictures. It is easy to pick up and put down and is guaranteed to make the recipient smile more than once.  Honestly, I almost always have two copies on my shelf so I can gift one to someone else who loves chocolate. Maybe you have seen other Sondra Boynton books, she has a huge array of children’s books including Moo, Baa, La la la! and The Going to Bed Book. 

16. Tree to Bar Chocolate

Fuwan Chocolate is made in Taiwan and makes for a great gift.  Their bars often blend local ingredients, teas, and spices with their chocolate and create some unique flavour profiles.  I have only tried a few of their bars so far but have never been disappointed.  Fuwan is a tree to bar chocolate maker and I have linked to their fun info graphic about that.  If you want to shop for a Fuwan Chocolate Bar check out chocolate shops near you.

17. Handmade chocolate cards

Chocolate cards for any occasion.

Need a card to go with your chocolate gift? Or perhaps to just send off on its own with a sweet note inside?  I make several different cards featuring all things chocolate, screen printed chocolate bars, cacao pods, cacao flowers, and intricate cut designs featuring cacao pods and the word CHOCOLATE, with many other options.

18. Tips for finding Subscription Boxes

Chocolate subscriptions are amazing.  There are so many to choose from, and I suggest you try finding one local to you.  Questions to ask yourself and the chocolate subscription service would be about the sourcing of the chocolate, is it bean to bar (and ethically sourced), couverture, vegan, fair trade, bonbons, or bars.  Why you want to know? Bonbons have a shorter shelf life; therefore, they need to be eaten soon after arrival.  Bean to bar means the cacao has all come from one source/co-op at the same origin and that the chocolate maker has started making chocolate right at the bean.  Couverture chocolate is chocolate that is made by a larger company that distributes the chocolate and then your local chocolate maker melts it to create their product.  Chocolate bars often have a longer shelf life and can be savoured, but this does depend on the bar and if it has any inclusions (ingredients) added to it.  All questions to think about before deciding which subscription is ideal for gifting to friends. 

19. Have you tried cacao pulp?

Cacao pulp in a bar!

Something different. There are so many interesting things happening in the chocolate world right now.  If you are looking for something a bit different to gift a friend this Cacao Pulp bar from Chocolate Naïve is fun to try.  It has cacao pulp in it, kinda in a marshmallow like texture, and is sweet and easy to eat. 

20. Wear your love of chocolate

Everyone needs clothing, so your chocolate loving pal may enjoy this fun chocolate t-shirt I found on Etsy.  Who doesn’t want to wear their love of chocolate on their sleeve, or chest in this case.  Let everyone know how much you love chocolate.

Stay tuned for part 3 of 10 coming next week.

Have you tried, used or experienced any of these products? I’d love to know your thoughts, leave them below.

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