Wreath made using Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Recently a friend on Instagram, Kathryn or @cocoaencounters, posted a gorgeous wreath she had made using craft chocolate wrappers. It was lovely. You can visit her site and see it here. She encouraged me to run with it and add a DIY for it to my list of Holiday Do It Yourself projects using chocolate bar wrappers. It looks amazing once it’s hung up!

The finished wreath made using chocolate bar wrappers of all sizes and colours.

So I made one, and came up with some instructions so that you too can made one for yourself. You can make this with any paper you have, but obviously, mine is made from chocolate bar wrappers.

A wreath base (or a circle of cardboard, chocolate bar wrappers, push pins or a glue gun.

Here’s what you need:

a lot of chocolate bar wrappers or other paper source

a wreath form (I used a foam wreath from the craft store)


push pins – I used long straight ones, but short flat headed ones would work a bit easier (the store was out)

(you could also use a hot glue gun if you were sure you wanted them to stay where you put them, the pins allow you to move them around and fan them out when you are done)

To begin with you need to cut out a lot of holly leaves. I did this freehanded as I watched a Christmas movie one day. It was fun to make them all different sizes, and allowed me to use all the different size wrappers. I also found that by doling it in half, or using one of the folds already present in the packaging it was easier to work with. If you want them to all be the same draw the first one and then you can trace it onto the others.

Lots of cutting going on, I filled this entire bowl with holly leaves.

So, cut a lot of pieces of holly out. Once you have those you will need your wreath and the pins.

Start adding leaves and pinning them around the wreath, I worked around the circle, laying on top of the ones I had previously added. Once you have them pinned to the whole wreath you can fan them out a bit, add more if you can see any of the base of the wreath, or add more if it just isn’t quite as full as you want it to be.

It does take a bit of patience and work, but once you hang it on the wall or on a door you will be so pround of your work!

It looks amazing hanging on my office door.

Be sure to tag me @canadianchocoholic on Instagram if you make this so I will be able to see your work.

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