Chocolate Wrapper Paper Chain

Sweet and simple, this one is easy. A great way to use up those empty chocolate bar wrappers you have lying around. Add a pop of colour to your tree with this fun DIY. Feel free to get your kids involved if you want. Adult supervision required.

Paper chains made using chocolate bar wrappers.

What you need:

An easy Christmas, or anytime, DIY paper chain.

chocolate bar wrappers
glue, glue tape, or stapler
scissors or cutter

I used a wheel cutter and self healing mat, but you can use a ruler and scissors just as easily.

Cut long rectangles from your chocolate bar wrapper. This is best done cutting along the length, cutting two to three strips. Ideally strips should be 1 inch wide and 4-6 inches long, this can vary depending what you prefer. If you like you can measure with a ruler to make them the same. Nobody will notice once they are linked together if they are the same size or not. Cut multiple strips similar in size.

Use bright colours of packaging to create a fun garland of paper chain.

Once you have a pile of them, take one and form it into a circle, joining the short ends together and staple together or, if you glue it, it is best to hold it tight for a minute or so or use a clothespin to hold it until it sets.

Making a paper chain, this is a tiny stapler, but a regular one works too.

Staples make it go much quicker. Take your second link, put it through the circle you just made, form it into a circle and staple. Continue until you have a long continuous chain. You can alter the chain to be whatever size of circles and length you like. Big or small, one colour or many, they are a fun activity for all ages, and a great way to use up those chocolate bar wrappers that are just so beautiful. That’s it. You are done.

Be sure to tag @canadianchocoholic so I can see your finished product.

PS – there are still a few more Holiday decoration DIY tutorials coming your way. You can also visit my shop to purchase chocolate themed silver and bronze jewellery or The Chocolate Notebook.

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