Paper Ornaments, starring Chocolate Bar Wrappers

These are great tucked into your tree to bring that little bit of chocolate to your holiday celebrations.

Paper Ornaments.

Items you will need:
chocolate bar wrappers, ideally with stiff paper, as they need to be folded
glue stick or craft tape
scissors or a large circle punch if you have one
awl and ruler

Easy to make ornaments using upcycled packaging, in this case a chocolate bar wrapper.

Each ornament uses four to six circles. Cut 4 to 6 circles of the same size using your scissors or circle cutter.

You can always trace a glass if you need a template. Fold each circle in half.

If you have an awl and a ruler you can score your piece of cardboard to produce a crisper fold. Be sure the good side is folded in. Then take those pieces and glue them together. Glue the backside of your folded half circle so the curve matches.

Various stages of the folding and gluing of these ornaments.

Continue with 4 to 6 pieces, inserting a folded string as you join the last side to the first circle. Let dry if you are using glue. If you have clothespins, using them will help it dry flatter.

Once dry hang on your tree, from a wreath, add one to the top of a gift, or use to fill a bowl (maybe leave off the string for these ones).

Be sure to tag @canadianchocoholic so I can see your finished product, I’d love to see it. If you are interested in more DIY Christmas Ornaments check out my other blogs as well. I love to upcycle things I have around the house to create beauty.

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