Chocolate Ball Ornament

This is the first of a series of several blogs about making ornaments from chocolate wrappers. These light and airy balls are lovely additions to a tree as light shines between the openings in them.

Chocolate Ball Ornament

What you will need:
Chocolate bar wrapper – a wider one would work best to begin with
Brads (butterfly clip, available at your local craft store, you can also just tie a string here if you don’t have brads, it just wont look as pretty, skip to bottom of the post for a photo of a BRAD)
Small hole punch or something to poke a hole through your wrapper

Just a few things needed to make these gorgeous Christmas Ornaments

Trim chocolate bar wrapper into a rectangle shape.

Draw lines from one side to the other the short way approximately half an inch apart. This will vary depending on the width of your chocolate bar wrapper. Cut approximately eight strips per ornament.

Strips of chocolate bar wrapper. Sometimes the inside of the packaging is just as beautiful as the outside.

Punch hole at both ends of each strip.

Strips cut and punched. I used a hole punch but poking a hole through works just as well, it may just take a bit more work.

Place strips in order on top of one another.

Put brad through each hole and attach string to one of the brads.

A look at the ornament with one end joined with a brad

Gently form a circle and spread the strips apart to form a sphere, ie fan them out. This bit is a little tricky, be patient, you’ll get it.

A light and airy ornament for on your tree.

There you have it. Hang it on the tree. These can be made any size and any length depending on your chocolate bar wrapper. You could also use card stock or construction paper.

I started with this ornament as it uses a whole chocolate bar wrapper. I have some other step by step DIY chocolate themed ornaments coming soon that use a bit less of the packaging.

Have fun creating. Mix and match patterns and wrappers to get a fun colourful look!

Be sure to tag @canadianchocoholic so I can see your finished product.

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