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…with all those old chocolate bar wrappers

What to do with all those chocolate bar wrappers?
What to do with all those chocolate bar wrappers?

I eat a lot of chocolate. I have so much chocolate packaging waste in my house. I hate throwing things out.  I ponder what the waste is and see how I can make something from that.  I make handmade paper backings for my jewellery pieces from paper and cardboard chocolate packaging.  But I have been pondering the foil and paper wrappings of bars a lot lately.

I have a canvas in my office that was feeling dated and I wanted to spruce up the space.  It was an orange canvas I had painted many years ago, that had been a canvas covered in poppies before I updated it back then.  Here are a few photos of it before I decided to give it a fresh look.

Here are some of my “trying to figure out what I wanted it to look like” photos.  Plus, a colour swatch when I was trying to figure out my base colour.

My canvas was not flat, as it has some raised patches of paint to provide texture, so it needed two coats of paint to get into all the nooks and crannies.  I painted it with a Behr Chocolate Therapy paint.  Not gonna lie, partly chose this colour because of the name.  However, there are a lot of brown paints with chocolate in their names. I am super happy with the base brown, not too brown, very chocolatey, and it looks great hung on the wall. 

So, with my pile of chocolate bar wrappers on hand I tested a few with my glue to be sure it would work.  I was pretty sure, but I did find that some foil and paper wrappers glued easier than others.  Here is the swatch I did to be sure it would work before I tackled the large canvas.

Then I cut up a lot of chocolate bar wrappers.  Not as many as I thought, but still lots.  I had to decide on the ones I would use, if I had enough that were similar, and if the size was right.  I cut a lot of rectangles up. I thought there were enough.  Twice throughout the process I had to stop and cut up more.  Partly because I ran out of a certain kind of foil, not because I ran out of all the squares.

I glued and I glued and I glued.  I couldn’t easily reach the top of the canvas from the bottom, it hurt my back a bit to bend so long, so I ended up turning the canvas as I worked on it.  I got a third of the canvas done and ran out of glue.  Oops.  Since it was during the beginning of COVID-19, the local stores were out of my product so I ordered online and waited 3 weeks before my glue arrived.  It was a long time to put a project on hold.

Peace! Here I am in front of the not yet finished canvas. I’m wearing my cacao pod pendant and cacao bean earrings, which I also made, you can check out my shop here.

Finally I got back to it, gluing away several days, taking breaks when I needed them.  It really is an amazing process.  The glue covers the foils and makes them look unappealing.  As it dries it looks so beautiful.

I am so happy with how this project came together, and I love the finally finished artwork.  I am debating making a few smaller ones as well with the leftover pieces of foil I already have cut up. 

Might there be mini versions in the future?

I love how this looks hanging on my office wall.  It looks different throughout the day when the room gets sun from various angles.  Sometimes it gets an orange glow when the sun shines through my orange curtains, other times it sparkles when the sun hits it. 

I’m in love. There is always something new to see in this piece and I don’t foresee updating this any time soon. If you want to make a mini version of something similar you can check out Create with Canadian Chocoholic for a mini DIY here.

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