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How to set up a fun chocolate tasting with what you have on hand

Pink & Pretty – setting up a spur of the moment chocolate tasting

It is almost Mother’s Day.  This year is unlike any other because there isn’t any last-minute run to the mall to grab Mom the perfect gift.

So now what?  Here is a way to easily put together a chocolate tasting with what you have on hand at home.

Well, I suppose I am assuming that you have some chocolate on hand. 

This afternoon I decided to set a pretty table for afternoon tea.  Since we have been home so much during this pandemic, I have tried to enjoy the little moments, like afternoon tea/snack.

We have been having fancy snack Thursday, but today a mood hit me, and I ended up with a fancy afternoon tea time.

Now, when I began thinking about snack all I knew was that I was going to cook some scones I had made a few weeks ago and frozen the dough.  That was my simple starting point. 

Raspberry nib scones that I pulled out of the freezer
(from the Dandelion Chocolate Book)

From there I thought about what I was going to serve with it and how I was going to set the table.  I do have a bit of a thing for dishes and a nice table setting.  Honestly, a pretty table goes a long way.  Making everything look good makes you want to eat everything.  It sets the tone by creating a scene.  So, if the only thing you get from this post is to make it pretty, I am okay with that.

So back to the I started with one thing.  Frozen raspberry nib scones. 

Raspberries are pink.  Pink is pretty.  Ah!  There was my inspiration.

While my scones thawed, I looked at my chocolate stash and picked out things that were pink.  Yes, really, that is how I decided what to include.  All things pink.

Pink everywhere! I just grabbed all things pink from my box of chocolate bars. Okay, boxes, yes I have boxes.

I had already set out some tree plates and mugs but having decided to add more chocolate to our snack I grabbed two more long plates, one each, for the chocolate.

Then I felt that there needed to be a pop of colour among all the black and white, so I added a few scraps of pink paper I had lying around.  This gave a pop of colour to the table setting.  At this point I put the scones into the oven to bake and set about opening a few bars of chocolate and adding small pieces to our plates.

Black and white dishes, paper to add a pop of pink.
It’s easy to make something look great when you have a beautiful place setting.

Honestly, I may have added too much.  Neither of us finished all the chocolate I put out.  As much as I love chocolate, this was a lot for me to eat at once.  I recommend 3 or 4 pieces of chocolate, about the size of a penny each.  Especially if you are having tea and scones.

Tea to go with the tasting, it was after all fancy afternoon tea.

So, moving forward with my pink theme, I made white chocolate rose tea from DAVIDsTea, put out some raspberry sables that hubby obtained in a recent Soma Chocolate order.  Then I added chocolate.  The chocolate on our tasting plates today all came in pink packaging.  Soma raspberry (white chocolate), Palette de Bine Raspberry (60% milk chocolate), Ocelot Black Cherry (70% dark chocolate), Jacobean Partridge Berry (coconut milk chocolate), Zotter Raspberry Choco Nibs (white chocolate and cacao nibs), and Centre & Main Fig and Flower (white chocolate). 

That is what happens when I grab all things pink.  It made for a lovely tasting.  I was wishing I had something strawberry, but my stash did not have that today.  Which is fine.  I was making a tasting based on what I had around.  No pre-planning, just making a fun tasting to enjoy together.  Because enjoying chocolate together is the best way to enjoy afternoon tea.

Some chocolate and a bit of time setting the table went a long way to finding a special moment in our day.  Try setting something like this up for Mother’s Day.  It’s simple, and if you do not have scones, I am sure Mom will be happy with just chocolate to enjoy as she spends time with her family.

The table all set for our afternoon tea. Sweet and simple.

You can start with anything, just pick a theme.  You could start with nuts, having a chocolate bar with almonds, another with walnuts, something with pecans maybe?  Serving a side of nuts beside the chocolate.  Maybe use a hazelnut spread.  Use a colour as a starting point like I did.  Maybe Mom’s favourite colour is green.  Choose bars with green wrappers, green inclusions (matcha, pumpkin seeds, cardamom, pistachio, broccoli), green plates with white chocolate.  Anything goes.  The point is to take a bit of time to make it a bit more special than normal so Mom knows you’ve been thinking about her.

It was a great afternoon tea, full of chocolate.  We both really enjoyed it.  Mostly, we enjoyed taking the time to sit down and enjoy it together.

Time well spend. Phones now, tasting together, chatting, enjoying. Quality time.

There was no Mom here, just hubby and I.  Something like this is perfect for whatever family you are spending your time with these days.  Or for a friend, once life returns to normal.  It is a great way to show love in the little things.

I can’t wait to set up a tasting like this for my Mom next time we are together. I set up something similar for my Mom when she was visiting at Christmas. One of her favourite thing is coconut, and just grabbing what I had on hand and I pulled this together. There is inspiration everywhere. Have fun setting up a tasting.

I was able to pull three bars from my chocolate stash to create a coconut tasting over Christmas when my Mom was visiting.
Avanaa Chocolate, Palette de Bine Chocolate, and Sweetness Chocolate, all with coconut, Mom’s fav.

I am always help if you need ideas or a bit of help. Feel free to send me a message if you need anything. Yes Dads, that means you. I am happy to help.


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