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Creating things is just something I do. So, since we are all staying home these days, I thought I would share a few projects that you can do from home. With items you likely have on hand. Plus all the projects will have some connection to chocolate. Because chocolate.

My goal is to help you or you and your children pass the time in a creative way. It doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect. I totally encourage you to stray from the directions/guidelines. Personally I am all about creating art as it goes and evolves, no rules need to be followed here. So something that makes you happy.

Maybe you will create something to hang on your wall, something useful, fun, silly, or the next best masterpieces. Really, just HAVE FUN!

To start things off easily, I have made a download for you of the outline of my chocolate bar wrapper from my chocolate bar screen print. This imagine can be printed and then you can make it your own. Design your own chocolate bar, choose your own flavours, add crazy designs to the wrapper, be bold and bright, or sweet and subtle. Have fun colouring this. Use whatever you want to colour it, pencil crayons, crayons, markers, paint, stamps, stickers, chocolate, really anything goes so long as you have fun!

Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Image is transparent with black color for the design

Maybe ideally have a piece of chocolate on hand to inspire you as you work, plus then you have a snack.

I would love to see your creations. Feel free to share on Instagram and use #createwithcanadianchocoholic and tag me @canadianchocoholic or email them to me so I can see what you have made.

I’m just printing one off now and will share it to social media as soon as I have created and coloured it. Here is a photo of my original design that I screen print onto tote bags and cards.

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I’m exploring the world of chocolate one bite at a time. I live in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, though I have lived in many area of this wonderful country. Besides chocolate I love water, trees and all things handmade. I’m a creative artist and love making things with my hands which lead to my passion project Happy Mail for Chocolate Lovers.

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