Diary of a Chocoholic ~ Week 2

August 8th, 2019

~ 8:20 am – Fresh bread and Mary’s Brigadeiro spread to start the day instead of a mug of drinking chocolate.

~ 9:35 am – I tasted three different bean to bar chocolate bars all with the same chocolate origin (the cacao all grew in the same region).

Three pieces of chocolate all made from cacao that grew in the same region.

~ 4:45 pm – I put some Brigadeiro spread on some rice krispie squares to make them extra special as a little before dinner snack.

~ 9:23 pm – A Dairy Queen Bilzzard as a special treat since it was Miracle Day, and I chose chocolate chip cookie dough in a vanilla ice cream base. Yum!

August 9th, 2019

~ 6:45 am – A small mug of drinking chocolate made with almond milk and bits of chocolate.

~ 3:30 pm – Off work earlier than expected I popped into Moo Shu Ice Cream near work and grabbed a catified cone for a fundraiser (with a cat lounge) they were having for International Cat Day. I chose vegan chocolate and calico (white, milk and dark chocolate) ice cream.

Catified Moo Shu Ice Cream

August 10th, 2019

~ 7:40 pm – A crazy long day around here, where the day started at 4:30 am with a surprise truck in our yard. Our day totally went off schedule (police reports, tow trucks, then going back to bed after all that was done), so my first bit of chocolate wasn’t until late. I finally had my morning hot chocolate at 7:30 pm, using a hot chocolate mix I had in the cupboard.

~ 8:20 pm – As a treat after a long day, I made up a tasting plate of a bunch of chocolate to enjoy as we lounged on the couch instead of heading out as originally planned. We were super wiped out.

Tasting plate to munch on during a movie after a super long day.

August 11th, 2019

~ 10:15 am – We had chocolate chip banana cashew bread that I baked today with fresh cherries and blackberries I got this morning at the farmers market. I had a side shot of hot chocolate made from the left over pieces of last night’s chocolate plate.

Breakfast, freshly baked chocolate cashew banana bread with cherries and blackberries fresh from the farmers market.

August 12th, 2019

~ 7:15 am – I had a mug of hot chocolate made from a dark chocolate Sirene Bar with water before I headed to work.

~ 7:40 pm – Mary’s Brigadeiro spread on rice krispie squares.

Brigadeiro Spread on rice krispie treats.

August 13th, 2019

~ 8:55 am – Breakfast again included chocolate chip banana cashew bread, though this time I fried it in a bit of coconut oil in a pan, enjoying it with more blackberries.

~ 11:45 am – Chocolate Naive hot chocolate from a limited edition chocolate box I got from Cacao Review.

Hot chocolate making in progress. Love how delicious the flakes of chocolate look.

~ 5:20 pm – Lemon Toffee milk chocolate and pistachios bar from Soma Chocolatemaker.

~ 6:00 pm – Sour vs Sour bar that I picked up in Vancouver earlier this year at East Van Roasters. It is a fun bar created as part of a tasting lesson at an elementary school. You can find out more about this bar in my Instagram post about it.

Sour vs Sour, such a fun bar!

~ 7:15 pm – A bite of brownie I tested out a recipe for a one bite brownie. Sadly it was more cakey than brownie-like, so I will try other recipes. I only ate 1/4 of the single brownie and hubby enjoyed the rest.

~ 9:30 pm – I cut up and wrapped up the brownie for hubby to take to work, so clearly I ate some of the crumbs from cutting it up.

August 14th, 2019

~ 8:00 am – I had a chocolate tahini brownie with a shot of hot chocolate for breakfast. Chocolate for breakfast is my favourite meal of all time.

~ 11:10 am – As I sat beside the Rideau Canal Locks I had a picnic that included a piece of the chocolate chip cashew banana bread.

My picnic spot next to the Rideau Canal Locks, with Chateau Laurier at the top.

~ 1:15 pm – I enjoyed half of a Cacao Cookie from Ultimately Chocolate after yoga practice on the lawn at Parliament Hill here in Ottawa. Lululemon sponsors this free event and it makes me so grateful to do yoga with 2000-3000 people every Wednesday over the summer. Chocolate however is always a nice snack afterwards. I choose the Cacao Cookie as it stands up to the heat of the day, since I had been outdoors riding my bike and exploring Ottawa since 9:15 am. The cookie was still happy, and delicious.

~ 7:30 pm – Back downtown for yet another picnic, this time on the other side of the locks up at Major’s Hill Park. Hubby and I rode our bikes here and enjoyed a picnic before the fireworks competition. Obviously there were chocolate tahini brownies for dessert.

A picnic isn’t complete with out chocolate!

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