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Alicja Confections is an Ottawa chocolate shop that creates some fun products. While I often focus on bean to bar makers, I also love chocolatiers and what they can do with chocolate. Perhaps this comes from my own experience as a chocolatier in a small shop on Vancouver Island many years ago.

Alicja has grown her business over the years I’ve been in Ottawa. She began making Postcard chocolate bars that can go through the mail. Put a stamp on it and off it goes. My nephews think this is great! Her flavours are unique such as Potato Chip, Lavender & Lilac, Wasabi, and Ramen Bowl. My personal favourite is the Hippy Bar (dark chocolate, goji berries and cacao nibs). *peace*

All the space you need to write a message, place a stamp and send some chocolate into the world. I have always loved postcards and send them often with Postcrossing, so this idea of a chocolate postcard made me giddy when I first heard of it.
Moving from just bars to now making bonbons, new products keep showing up in the Glebe shop. Earlier this year she had some milk drinks available, clearly chocolate included. Her bonbons are cheerful and bright, and certainly help to brighten up anyone’s day.
I enjoy the Sakura Bonbon, as cherries and chocolate are always a winner for my taste buds. Hubby is a fan of the chocolate mint. In my experience bringing a box of these anywhere puts smiles on peoples faces. (I often bring them to dentists… love your dentist, they only want to help you. PS – I work as a dental assistant.)
A new product that just hit the shelves recently is Chocolate Dragée. I happily picked some up this week on my walk from one dentist office to the other, as Alicja Confections is just a few blocks out of the way. There were many choices, but I settled on the Coconut Curry White Chocolate Cashews and the Dark Chocolate Pistachios & White Chocolate Cranberries. These bright treats were great and flavourful. Plus they helped add sunshine to all the grey skies we’ve seen in Ottawa lately.
This year they have also created a postcard bar chocolate Advent calendar. Sounds like a great way to taste 25 different flavours of their postcard bars.
Not gonna lie, Alicja is also a Winnipeg girl, and anyone from Winnipeg knows we all stick together, so I do love supporting her shop here in Ottawa. Also, both our partners have military backgrounds. Small world eh?

PS – I love this on the wall in the shop!

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